Doom 3 / Doom III Console Commands, Benchmarks, and Cheats (PC)

Posted August 2, 2004 by MickeyMouse in Windows Games

This tutorial contains a brief listing of Doom 3 console commands with descriptions.

The following is a list of console commands for Doom 3.

    CLTR – ALT – ~ opens the console
    Press the tilde key (~) while holding the CLTR and ALT keys.

    Once the console is open, type in the following commands. (Some only work within an active game.)

    benchmark – benchmarks your system with different sizes of screen

    sizedown – decreases the size of the screen

    sizeup – increases the size of the screen

    map mapname – opens a map named mapname

    bind – binds commands to key

    recorddemo – closes the console and starts recording until you send a “stoprecording” command or quit
    It defaults to \Doom 3\base\demos and names it subsequently demo000.demo.

    stoprecording – stop the recording of a demo

    timedemo demoname – run a demo for a benchmark

    playdemo demoname – play a recorded demo

    avidemo – saves a demo as an avi

    god – god mode

    screenshot – records a screenshot and places it in the screenshot directory

    notarget – enemies cannot see you

    noclip – toggles clipping on and off

    give all – gives all weapons

    give weapon_chainsaw – chainsaw
    give weapon_rocketlauncher – rocket launcher
    give weapon_machinegun – machine gun
    give weapon_shotgun – shotgun
    give weapon_plasmagun – plasmagun
    give weapon_bfg – BFG

    testlight – increases the light in the room

    gfxinfo – displays info on your graphics card

    quit – exits

    exit – quits

For additional information, this tech recipe gives a brief description of all console commands.

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