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Posted July 21, 2004 by AlexTheBeast in Internet

Tech-Recipes has purchased spots on several websites that offer alternative advertising methods. We made the purchases in order to determine which sites offer the most effective form of advertising. Here are the results.

We are neither affilliated nor received compensation from any sites mentioned in this tech-recipe.

Purchasing advertising space is a tough decision for webmasters. Buying clicks from search engines is not only expensive, but it also requires huge down payments. Furthermore, beginning web sites do not need ultra-targetted traffic.

Here at Tech-Recipes, we decided to explore some alternative advertising methods. We purchased some non-traditional ads from a couple websites to see what kind of traffic they would generate. We tracked how many unique visitors the ad campaign generated and how many pageviews those visitors generated.

The first site is ubersite.com which allows people to post and vote on random content. For $1, you can post an text-link that is put in rotation atop the site’s web pages.

The second site is the popular fark.com that allows users to purchase a $25 text link for a week of viewing in its classified section. An added benefit of fark is that there is a comment section where you can discuss your site and other users can leave comments and suggestions.

The numbers:

Spent Days Clicks PVs PV/click cents/click
Fark $25 7 1167 7070 6 2.1
Ubersite $1 1 61 440 7 1.6

As you can see, both sites produced an excellent amount of traffic for around 2 cents per visitor. Visitors were obviously interested as they averaged viewing 6 to 7 pages each.

These ad campaigns became less effective the longer they run so it is probably not fair to directly compare the averages of these two sites. It is likely ubersite got an advantage due to the short run cycle.

The important point is that these alternative advertising methods gave us interested traffic much cheaper than the traditional ad suppliers on the Internet.

We will continue to explore websites that offer alternative advertising methods. If you have a site that has given you success or a site that has a particular unique ad idea, let us know. We will try it out and post our results here.

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