Remove Unwanted Diagrams/Pictures from the Table of Contents

Posted July 14, 2004 by sphiggins in Microsoft Word

If you have a table of contents that has a diagram in the middle of it, use the following steps to remove it:

1. Locate the diagram in the body of the document.
2. Select the diagram.
3. Look at the style that is assigned to the document. If it is “Heading x,” where x is 1, 2, etc., then continue reading to fix this. (If it is not “Heading x,” then this might not help you.)
4. Change the style to something other than “Heading x.”
5. Go back to your table of contents, and press F9 to rebuild the entire table.

The diagram should now be removed.

Explanation: MS Word pulls everything with style “Heading x” into the table of contents.

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