XP: Make a Folder Private

Posted July 14, 2004 by AlexTheBeast in Windows

When sharing a computer with others, you may find that you have folders that you want to hide/protect from your fellow users. This Tech-Recipes tutorial explains how to make such folders private.

These instructions were written in response to Suzie’s question in the forums. She asked how she could keep her children from having access to certain folders on their family’s computer.

The process described in this tutorial assumes that you have your children or other users log-in with accounts that are separate from yours. If they do not, then this will not work.

You can make any file in your personal profile private. Your personal profile should be C:\Documents and Settings\User_name if you installed Windows to the C drive. Any subdirectories under this one can be made private. My Pictures, My Documents, and other folders like these are already under your profile. You can make a folder under My Documents called Private Documents.

1. Right click on any folder in your profile.
2. Select Properities.
3. Select the Sharing Tab.
4. Click Make This Folder Private.
5. Click Apply.
6. Windows will make sure your account has a password.
7. Click OK.

Microsoft also has a knowledge base article about this process.

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