AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Hyperlink Command Codes

This tech-recipe contains a listing of a few known hyperlink commands for driving AIM.

Users can use hyperlinks to drive several features of AIM. These codes can be used to create shortcuts on your desktop which open AIM in the manner you wish. Likewise, if you want users to be able to direct you to their buddy list from your web page or email, these codes are useful.

If you plan to use these commands in shortcuts on your system, use them exactly as listed below. If you are going to use them on a web page, use them in standard hyperlink format.

To open a new IM window, use the following:

To open a new IM window with a screen name, use the following:

To chat with an AOL bot named AOLBuddy, use the following:
<a href= aim:goIM?screenname=AOLBuddy>Chat with AOLBuddy</a>

The following is the example above with HTML tags:
Chat with AOLBuddy

To open new IM window with a screen name and a message, use the following:

The following is an example that opens with the WallStreetJournal Bot (WSJ) and sends it a help message. This can be used to display the bot menu with fewer keystrokes:

<a href= aim:goIM?screenname=WSJ&message=help>Send "Help" to WSJ Bot</a>

The following is the example above with HTML tags:
Send “Help” to WSJ Bot

To grab shared files from a screen name, use the following:

To open a chat room, use the following:

To add screen name automatically to the “Add Buddy” window, use the following:

To add screen name and group name automatically to the “Add Buddy” window, use the following:

The Conversation

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  • caz

    well i looked at this entire page
    i saw how to set up codes for chat, IM and chatroom.
    but never didi see anything to do with inserting a hyperlink i an email that s done by aim.
    aim is graphically a rip off and shouldnt even be used at all. im looking for a way to not use it.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know what the aim code is that changes someones status message?…not the away message, the status message…i had it a while ago but i cant find it anywhere

  • Nora

    Great information. I found out that it supports HTML, so I could add a carriage return by using the line break tag. For instance:

    aim:goim?screenname=SCREENNAME&message=hellohow are you?

    • Nora

      oh.. apparently the comment function supports HTML too, so let met try the example again:

      aim:goim?screenname=SCREENNAME&message=hello<br>how are you?

      otherwise go to Step 13 of my online HTML course

  • sukit

    How Do You Do the cheat were it says in the status message i love s/n please help me

  • Julie

    what is a code to get rid of the buddy status on the top of your profile

  • unknown

    how do you get a background for you aim prfile???

  • ahleika

    I cannot get to work… what exactly does this command do?

  • tattudegrl

    Life is great if you are actually LIVING. There is a mjor difference in living and just simply existing.

  • Srikanth


    How do i create such a hyperlink to invoke Windows Live Messenger.


  • Anonymous

    This works great if the person clicking the link has AIM installed on their computer. If they don’t, it simply brings you to a blank page. Is there some additional code (that can be included alongside this code, not separate) that, if you do not have AIM installed, will redirect you to their download page?
    Thanks to anyone that nay be able to help.

  • bob

    how do you do that thing as your status when people see it, it comes up as their user name ?
    like if “SAraBOOI” was reading it it would say “hello SAraBOOI, how are you?” but if CAREL was reading it it would say “hello CAREL, how are you?” and etc

  • Pranshu patetl

    Please give me mocc magic 18 horn sound effect.