ZoneAlarm 5.0 Causes Severe Hangs and Errors

Posted June 26, 2004 by AlexTheBeast in Windows

ZoneAlarm 5.0 has serious bugs in it that frequently cause a system to hang or crash.

As people have grown into XP from previous versions of Windows, users have forgotten the world of crashes and hang-ups. Therefore, when people see these return, they get a lot of attention.

I purchased a new system and updated to the 5.0 version of ZoneAlarm. Immediately I started having severe hangs (refractory to CTRL-ALT-DEL even). I updated my LAN drivers without help. A quick google search showed that the new version of ZoneAlarm was causing the problems.

The problems typically arise when running high bandwidth programs such as p2p, torrents, or video conference software. Often the network connection goes dead first, and then all programs that access the network lock as well. These processes are unable to be stopped through the task manager. Even CTRL-ALT-DEL frequently does nothing. The only thing one can do is a hard reboot.

These issues are even admitted in this ZoneAlarm Warning in the forums. This forum post also describes how to roll-back to the 4.5 version. Zone Alarm is my firewall of choice… but people should wait awhile before updating.

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