XP: What Is My IP Address?

Posted June 20, 2004 by AlexTheBeast in Windows

Determining your IP address is becoming more difficult with routers and firewalls becoming more commonplace. The following tutorial explains a few methods you can use to determine yours .

With playing games or getting connections on the Internet, your most important IP address is the one that is detectable by the entire Internet. It is typically the IP address of the first device that connects your network to the Internet. This will be the IP address that is reported by a website such as whatismyip.com. Logging into your router or firewall and viewing its IP will often give you this same information.

A computer behind a router or firewall will have a different private IP address. These will typically start with 192.168.XXX.XXX. You can detect this IP address by the following methods:

    Command Prompt —
    [list]1. Click Start.
    2. Click Run.
    3. Type in cmd.
    4. In the command window, type ipconfig /all.
    5. The results will show your IP address and associated information

Network Connection Icon —

    1. Right click the network connection icon in the system tray.
    2. Select Status from the context menu that opens.
    3. Select the Support tab.
    4. The IP address is displayed


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