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Posted June 4, 2004 by AlexTheBeast in Internet

If you are looking for an alternative to costly broadband tuning programs, dslreports is the answer. This website will tweak your broadband connection without requiring a purchase.

Making sure that your Internet connection is perfectly tuned is a top priority for most users. We want all the speed for which we are paying.

To ensure that your Internet connection is running properly, try dslreports, a website which uses java to help you tweak your broadband connection. When you run the java applet, it will exchange files from your system to their server. Based on this information, the applet will tell you what settings need to be adjusted on your system.

Before running the test, make sure you know the advertised speed of your connection in kbit/s.

After you run the test and make the recommended changes, you will have to reboot to enable the changes in your system. After your reboot, revisit the site and run through the process again. Keep doing this until, there are no further recommendations.

Oh, remember it is free!

Try it out:

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