Create LACP aggregates in Solaris 10

Posted June 2, 2009 by drice39 in Solaris networking

Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) allows multiple network interfaces to work together to increase bandwidth and redundancy. LACP is simlar to IPMP (IP Multipathing) however IPMP is wasteful with IP addresses and can cause problems with ssh remote execution. Whereas LACP only requires one IP address, you need to ensure that your switches support LACP. In this example we are using the IP-hashing method, so ensure that your switch is setup for IP-hashing/Layer 3 hashing.

To create an aggregate:

dladm create-aggr -l active -PL3 -d e1000g0 -d e1000g1 1
ifconfig aggr1 plumb
ifconfig aggr1 netmask up

To remove the aggregate:

dladm delete-aggr 1

To remove an interface:

dladm remove-aggr -d e1000g1 1

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