Outlook: Rules Create Multiple Duplicate Message

Posted February 21, 2004 by AlexTheBeast in Microsoft Outlook

This tech-recipes tutorial explains how to eliminate the common mistake of Outlook’s rules system creating multiple duplicate email messages.

When people in my office use rules, they often complain that duplicate messages are formed. The most common one I see is that one piece of junk mail or mailing-list message will get duplicated after the rules sorts it to the appropriate folder.

To fix this, add the stop processing more rules option to each rule that you have set up.

Here is how to do this step-by-step:

    1. Go to the Tools menu.
    2. Select Rules and Alerts.
    3. Double-click your rule in the Rules and Alerts window.
    4. After the rule is open, select Next to go to the Select Action(s) window.
    5. Select Stop Processing More Rules.
    6. Click Finish
    7. If you have multiple rules, you may need to repeat this cycle for each rule that you have active.

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