XP: Drag and Drop to Create a Shortcut in the Start Menu

Posted February 15, 2004 by AlexTheBeast in Windows

This Tech-Recipes tutorial contains a simple way to create a shortcut in your Start menu.

You can drag and drop the utility straight into your Start menu to create a quick shortcut. Use the following steps to complete this process.

    1. Navigate to the folder that contains your utility.
    2. (The term “drag” used in these instructions means “do not release the left mouse button until the instructions state to drop the file onto the menu.”)
    3. Drag the program file to your Start Button and hold until the menu opens.
    4. With your left mouse button still held down, move over the All Programs selection until the menu opens.
    5. When your program menu opens, drop the file onto the menu by releasing the left mouse button.
    6. A shortcut to the program will be created in your Start menu where you released your left mouse button.

Most beginners sometimes have problems with the OS opening windows and menus when you are dragging. When dragging, if you want a window or menu to open, simply hold your mouse pointer in place and wait a second. Even without releasing your mouse key, Windows will open the appropriate window or menu for you.

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