XP/Vista: How to Remove Genre from Browser in iTunes 8

In iTunes 8.0 no option exists for removing genre from the browser view. This tech-recipes tutorial describes how to do it manually.

Editing the files to do this requires a special free editor. Backing up any files before editing is highly recommended.

Be sure that iTunes is closed before starting.

1. Download and install Notepad++
2. In Notepad++ click File then Open
3. Paste the following location into the filename box and click the Open to open the correct file

%AppData%\Apple Computer\iTunes\iTunesPrefs.xml

4. Scroll just below the following section <key>User Preferences</key>

5. Copy and paste the information below right after the “dict” section.


6. Save the file and restart iTunes.

To reverse the changes, just delete this section or revert to your backed up version.

The Conversation

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  • Frank

    Doesn’t work – after making the changes and restarting ITunes, the files is modified by ITunes startup and no longer has the changes.

    Also, the and tags are not showing up in the instructions.

  • Josh

    Same thing for me Frank, but if you then change the file properties and make it ‘read-only’ then itunes gives up on ‘fixing’ it and boots anyway and it works…lovely.
    thanks for the fix guys

  • Sam

    Thanks – Works a treat

  • Dan

    Thanks heaps for this, it works perfectly and Im really happy about it. I almost feel like a computer wiz after doing that.

  • k33bz

    Worked great for me. Thanks a lot for the post! I f’in hate the genre pane

  • the dave

    Works great for me. The cut and paste made it really easy. thank you very much.

  • Bobo moreno

    fabulous, worked like a charm,
    been looking for months; thank you!