Automatically Forward Important Emails to SMS

Posted July 21, 2008 by tipmonkies in Internet

In this “always connected” world, responding to emails quickly can be essential. Would you like to get SMS notification of important emails? Imagine if you got a text message the instant you received an email from your boss. Here is how to do it.

Thanks and swag go out to Duane for this excellent tip!

1. Set up an e-mail filter for your most important clients, co-workers, and your boss to forward their incoming e-mails to your email SMS.

Instructions for gmail, outlook, and OS X mail.

Your can figure your SMS email address by selecting your current carrier from the list below:

us cellular, suncom, powertel, at&t, alltel, cingular, nextel, sprint, tmobile, verizon, and virgin.

By forwarding important emails to SMS, you can know immediately when these VIPs are trying to contact you. You’ll likely only get the subject and maybe a little of the message.

One caveat is that your email application will have to be running for the emails to get forwarded. Obviously, this is not an issue with gmail.

If you are near enough to your computer, you can just check your e-mail and respond if necessary. If you aren’t, you can just call and talk to them.

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