Firefox 3: Enable Spell Check in Text Boxes (not just textarea fields)

Posted June 24, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Mozilla Firefox

By default, Firefox 3 will spell check textarea fields (the memo or multiline text fields), but it doesn’t check regular text boxes (the single lined variety). Here’s how to enable spell check on both the single and multilined text boxes.

1. Open Firefox 3.

2. In the Location Bar, input about:config.

3. Click to get past the warning message that appears.

4. Locate the Preference Name layout.spellcheckDefault.

5. Double-click it and change the value to 2.


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  • Dianne

    I would like to do this step but can’t seem to find the correct place to begin with Vista. I assume by changing the default value to 2, it will also then spellcheck in Instant Messaging, such a Yahoo!IM?

    I am a bit computer challenged in certain areas and am not even sure how to “open Firefox3!
    to get to a Location Bar. Please, any detailed explanation would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance for taking your time to read this pathetic cry for help!

  • Sorry, Dianne. This only enables spell checking with firefox 3 and does not enable spelling checking across all of vista.

  • Lee

    Does this work for phpbb aplications? As I cannot seem to get it to work. Ta!

  • Lee

    ……………or this box I’m typing in now it seems. I have set the default to 2 like instructed.

  • Far Left Texas

    Works like a charm after restarting Firefox.

    I just found Tech-Recipes today and I’m pretty jazzed with all the cool tips I’m finding. Thanks for the site.

  • Does this work for phpbb aplications?

    thank you

  • Tried this. Changing the value to two didn’t to anything.