XP: Disabling the Welcome Screen / Forcing CTRL+ALT+DEL

Posted December 20, 2003 by AlexTheBeast in Windows

XP’s welcome screen shows the users’ names. In certain environments, this can decrease security. For this reason, it should be disabled.

The XP welcome screen is a bit of eye candy. It allows the user to select his/her account name from a list. As often happens, this time-saving feature can be a security risk. Getting into a system is twice as easy if somebody already has half of the username/password combo.

Now, if you are like most of us and are running your system at home, you might ask, “Why bother with this?” However, if you are someone who needs additional security, this feature should probably be disabled.

The following will revert Windows to the previous style of requiring CTRL+ALT+DEL before logon.

1. Go to Start Menu.
2. Select Control Panel.
3. Select User Accounts.
4. Click Change the way users log on or off.
5. Clear the Use the Welcome screen check-box.
6. The Use Fast User Switching option will become disabled as well.
7. Click the Apply Options button.

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