XP: Install Windows from a Bootable Floppy Disc

Posted December 18, 2003 by AlexTheBeast in Windows installation

This recipe describes the mechanism for installing XP if you do not have bootable CD-ROM.

Microsoft assumed that everybody that installed XP would have a bootable CD-ROM. Well, if you don’t have any working drivers, previously you were in trouble.

Now Microsoft has developed a mechanism to help you.

The downloadable programs are designed to be placed on floppies. Once these floppies are booted and installed, they attempt to take control of your CD-ROM so that you can complete your XP installation.

Install the service pack editions if you CD-ROM states that it already includes the service pack on your installation CD-ROM. These boot discs are not interchangeable so make sure you get the correct one.

Update–This support document from Microsoft now contains the latest, updated information.

This describes creating a boot floppy for an installation. If you need a boot floppy in XP for other reasons try the following tech-recipe:
Make a Boot Disc in 2k/XP

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