iWork: Saving Document Previews for Quick look

Posted January 1, 2008 by risherz in Mac OS X Leopard

If you’re a fan of Pages, Keynote or Number you’ll want to save a document preview while saving your documents so that they maintain their formatting when they are viewed through Quick look. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

There are two ways of saving previews for documents created by the iWork suite. The first way is to manually check the include preview box every time you save a file. This works well if you only have a couple of documents that you need a preview for.

Getting any iWork application to save previews by default is extremely easy. First open the application you want to First click on the application name (depending on what what application it is you are using) in the menubar, and then click Preferences. Then simply check Include preview in document by default in the General Tab. Once you do this all the documents you save from that point onwards will be saved with a document preview.

Preferences for iWork

One the document is saved with a preview, you can easily view it through quick look by tapping the space bar key after clicking on any document file in your Mac, provided it’s running Leopard.


Now you’ll be able to easily find that file you were looking for without even having to open it.

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