Google for UPS and FedEx Tracking Numbers

Posted December 13, 2003 by AlexTheBeast in Google

Google now supports certain UPS and FedEx tracking numbers.

Google has recently added the ability to track packages using google search.

The searches listed here will trigger the google search engine to hit the shipping databases and give you accurate examples; however, they should not be valid packages.


To search for FedEx packages type FedEx and your 12 digit tracking number into google. The package search will be the first link.

Google: FedEx 123456789012


To search for UPS packages you don’t need any type of prefix. Just type in your tracking number. Once again the package seach should be the first link. The example on the google help page doesn’t actually work; however, this example should.

Google: 1Z3751780340474947


Thanks to this thread over at FatWallet for pointing this out:

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