Outlook 2003: Creating Signatures and Quick Responses

Posted December 10, 2003 by AlexTheBeast in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook 2003 allows the user to create and store multiple signatures. These signatures can be used to insert large frequently used text into email messages.

Signatures are helpful for including information into your email messages. Many people use these as “classic” signatures containing your office number or address. However, these signatures can be equally powerful when used to insert frequently used text.

For example, if you frequently email directions to your office, you don’t want type that everytime. Save it as a signature and insert it when you need it.

Let’s create a signature:

1. In Outlook goto the Tools menu and select Options
2. Click Mail Format tab
3. Click Signatures
4. Click New
5. Name Your Insert (for example, “Directions to the Office”)
6. Start with a blank signature and click Next
7. Insert your text (such as detailed directions, etc.)
8. Click Finish and OK a couple times to close the dialog boxes

To Insert the signature:

1. Create a new email
2. Put the cursor where you want to insert the text
3. Goto the Insert Menu
4. Select Signature
5. Select your signature and press OK
6. The text you have saved as your signature will be inserted.

If you use Word as your email editor, you can use the following method as well to include frequently used text into your email messages:

Store and Reuse Large Blocks of Text

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