Increase or Decrease Windows XP Menu Bar and Title Bar Size

Posted October 11, 2007 by tipmonkies in Windows

Menu bars and title bars take up a lot of space in XP. If you want to increase your working area, you can consider decreasing their sizes. People with new large monitors may want to increase these sizes for better visibility. Changing these aspects of the XP desktop is a basic way of customizing your system.

To trim the space eaten by menu bars and title bars in Windows XP, go to Display Properties, then click on the Appearance tab, and then click the Advanced button. Now click on a bare region of the menu area on the demo window titled Active Window then decrease the size with the obvious up/down controller. Next, click on the title bar on the demo window titled Active Window then decrease the size the same way. Super simple and now you’ll have more room for content and less taken up by the menu and title bars.


Obviously, if you have an uberhuge monitor, then increasing these sizes may improve your desktop experience.

Play with the font sizes as well to tweak your desktop further. This basic method of customizing the desktop is frequently ignored. Go play.

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