Parallels: How To Disable the Windows Taskbar in Coherence Mode

Posted September 30, 2007 by Hack_Vista in Apple Mac

In coherence mode Parallels can display open windows programs in the dock. Therefore, why have the windows taskbar taking up space too?

Even as a vista junky, I still use OS X for my graphic design. Thus, parallels works wonders for me.

Coherence Mode in Parallels allows windows to run on the same desktop as OS X. By default, coherence mode displays the windows taskbar; however, the desktop is much nicer if the taskbar is disabled. Here is how to do it.

The confusion is that this option is no longer available from the Parallels Tools that rest within the system tray like it was in previous versions.

1. From Parallels click the Applications menu
2. Select Hide Windows Taskbar

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