XP: Using System Restore and System Backup

Posted December 9, 2003 by AlexTheBeast in Windows

This tutorial describes the basics of using system restore and system backup on a windows XP machine. Performing these basic tasks is something that should be performed before doing risky behaviors such as registry editing.

Everybody should know how to make backups of your system before making major changes.

If you are making simple registry changes without additions, exporting your registry may be the easiest thing to do:
Backup or Restore the Registry

System restore and backup, however, are essential before more aggressive changes.

System Restore
System restores attempts to mirror your system. By making a system restore point, you can revert your system back to where it was before the changes. The following tech-recipe tutorials describe how to create and restore from a saved restore point.

How to Create A Restore Point

How to Restore a Restore Point

System Backup
XP includes a backup program that will easily backup multiple aspects of your computer, including the configuration and registry data.

Create A System Backup:

1. Go into the Start Menu and All Programs
2. Go to Accessories
3. Go to System Tools
4. Left click on Backup
5. System Backup Will Open
6. Select Switch to Advanced Mode
7. Click Backup Wizard
8. Click Next
9. Click Only Backup the System State Data
10. Click Next
11. Browse to the location of your choice, pick a name, and select Next
12. Click Finish
13. The backup system will crunch for while as it saves your data.
14. When it is finished. click Close

Restore A System Backup:

1. Go into the Start Menu and All Programs
2. Go to Accessories
3. Go to System Tools
4. Left-click on Backup
5. System Backup will open
6. On the main Backup screen, just select Next
7. Select Restore Files and Settings and Next
8. Uncollapse the file by double clicking on your backup file
9. Select System State (and any other files that you have included, if you wish)
10. Click Next
11. Click Finish
12. You registry and files will be restored.

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