Fixing the dreaded “Unmountable Boot Volume” error

Posted September 22, 2007 by tipmonkies in Windows installation

One unfortunately common problem is data corruption on a hard drive and the dreaded “Unmountable Boot Volume” error. Many people feel they are forced to format the drive and start from scratch in this situation. However, frequently there is a better way of save your installation, as long as you have the installation media available. Directions for both XP and Windows 7 included.

If you receive the “unmountable boot volume” error and have an installation disk, you still have a chance to save your system.

This error is frequently caused by unfortunate wear and tear corruption of the data on the hard drive. By using the following utilities, you often can repair the damaged hard drive and prevent a complete reinstallation of your system.

XP Directions:

1. Insert your XP installation disc into an optical drive and boot up your computer.
2. When you see a welcome screen, hit the R key on your keyboard. This will enter you into recovery mode with a DOS prompt.
3. Now type chkdsk /p and hit Enter. This will launch a utility which will check for errors on your hard drive.
4. After the process is done, type fixboot and hit Enter to repair any damaged boot files which may have become corrupted. When asked to say yes or no, type the Y key on your keyboard.
5. Type exit and press the Enter key to reboot your computer.

Windows 7 Directions:

1. Boot from the Windows 7 DVD.
2. Select Repair my computer.
3. Select Command Prompt
4. From the command prompt enter the following command: Chkdsk /R C: where “C” is your boot drive.
5. Answer Y to check the disk the next time that the system restarts.
6. Reboot the system. After the reboot, Windows will check the hard disk and try to repair the damaged area.
7. If you still get the error after this process, repeat the process but try rebuilding the master boot record at the command prompt with the following command: bootrec /fixboot and then rebooting

If your system can be saved, you should now be able to boot back into Windows without a problem!

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  • Paul

    That fixed it!! Wonderful!! Thank you!!!

  • Ashley

    Okay. My laptop keeps saying this, so I followed these instructions, to which I got the response, 25% unrecoverable…blah blah blah. When I entered the fixboot command, it says ‘the target partition is C: Are you sure you want to write a new bootsector to the partition C:?’ then it says it cannot open the partition. Any ideas?

    • Sorry, Ashley. It sounds like the hard drive is toast.

      • daniel marquez

        > hi thanks for your time. I just have a quick question if I may. Ok I have the same error pop up on my pc the only thing is. It was working fine when i shut it down but then I get into a heated argument with my room mate and I take off for a walk and come back to my computer not working and im not sure if it my hard drive in my pc. Is there anyway to check if the file system on this hard drive are my original ones.

  • Sebastian

    Thanks – it worked and saved me for a lot of trouble!

  • anon


    The BSOD itself was a little hard to see, it flashed up so fast that I had to capture what it said with a camera.

    Anyway, thanks, I though my computer was done for until i read this

    • Maaz

      Press F5 on bootup and select disable automatic restart, when it crashes, it will stay on the bluescreen until you manually restart.

  • Rob

    This process worked exactly as documented. The chkdsk took a while (20 minutes or so) but the reboot ect was flawless.


    BTW, first thing I did when I re-booted???? yep, backed up my Quciken files and address lists….

    • ZN

      Worked! 🙂 thanks

  • Sue

    I can’t get into recovery mode. Just keeps going back to that damn blue screen. Any other ideas?

    • danitz

      On your bios change the firstt boot to your disk drive

      • Mkddude8

        Where can I find my “bios”?

        • if u dont know where the BIOS is thn u cant fix it!!! 😛
          — try pressing “F2” or “Del” key whie starting the PC

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got this exact problem, but there is one small problem that’s keeping me from saving the files on my computer. My computer (Sony Vaio desktop) didn’t come with a windows xp cd-rom. Is it possible to use anyone else’s windows xp installation cd to fix my computer?


  • tom

    i get to the chkdsk /p part and it gets to 75%
    and stays there

  • i do everything perfect exept after i press “r”… i go to a black screen and it says: Which


    Windows installation would you like to log onto
    (To cancel, press ENTER)?

    and it only lets me press one letter… so i cant type chkdsk /p….

    what do i do??

    • xyz

      press 1

    • Anonymous

      1st type 1

      then you type the chkdsk /p …

      i hope that help you…

  • James

    I followed the above directions. But, I still got an “unmountable boot volume message on my laptop. What do I do next?

    • Stayce

      I got the same thing. Anyone know what to do now?

  • ME

    THANK YOU!!!!!
    :):) 🙂

  • James Resti

    I did exactly what you recommended and I was able to get the machine to boot up. Unfortunately I did not know enough to stop the process and I apparently repartitioned the hard drive, losing (I think, a lot of files and programs.

    I could reload the programs and do a file recovery, but I seem to be locked in a viciaous cycle. The windows icon at the bottom of the screen says that the version of windows is no longer secure, suggesting that I download service pack 2 or 3. When I try to do that (through automatic update) nothing happens. When i tried to manually download service pack 3, I couldn’t because I need Internet Explorer 7.0, which I can’t get because I don’t have SP 2.

    I went to control panel and found many of the programs that I thought I lost (including SP 2) but they are not on the desktop or program list and I don’t know how to update them. I bought Search & Recover but I can’t use it because you need IE 6.0 or higher, which I can’t get – HELP

  • J

    I everything you said and everything seemed ok until “fixboot”.
    When I typed it, it said, “Are you sure you want to write a new bootsector to the partition C:?”
    Do I enter “Y” or “N”?

    • Shotaro

      enter Y


    OMG THANKS tipmonkies!!! :):) IT WORKED 🙂

    wow unbelievable for computer noobs like me haha. I thought it was all over when my laptop crashed onto the floor (sry for the pun) and the blue screen appeared – scary and chilling moments.

    Hey J (the poster above me) enter Y. but i’m sure u must have done it anyway 🙂

  • Jim

    Worked like a charm! Thank you so much.

  • webreviewer

    Perfectly worked fine! Thanks for the posting.

  • Only Me

    This worked for me but, I had to get to recovery mode with DOS prompt differently….
    My computer kept automatically rebooting, like a broken record, causing me to not be able to access the welcome screen. Even to disable automatic reboot did not help. So…
    I pressed F2, and went into the setup. From the first section I used the “arrow down” to BOOT SEQUENCE…hit enter… then highlight Internal HDD…enter and follow prompts.. this took me to recovery mode.. and from there I followed the above directions and was able to repair my boot drive using my XP Installation disk….
    It was scary, and I have no training at all…
    But it worked. And I hope it works for someone else!
    Good Luck

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for our help. I highlighted HDD but the screen tells me that the hard drive is not installed. Any recommendation. Does this mean that the drive is toast?

      • Anonymous

        I get the same hard drive not installed msg. So I can’t boot from a cd and get to the screen with the chkdsk/r etc. Did you fix it? If so how?

        • Anonymous

          No, I could not fix it.
          The head of the hard drive was gone.

    • Erin R.

      Thanks for your help! Your directions combined with the site’s directions, saved our computer from this dreaded error. Once you are able to access “DOS,” the rest is pretty simple, (the boot drive files were corrupted and are now repaired). I am so happy the computer is back!! Thanks so much!!

  • Deb

    Thanks this worked for me 🙂

    If anyone is trying to do this on a Dell laptop – I had to press F12 twice really quickly immediately on start up to get to the “boot from disk” option menu. Once you’ve pressed that option it works as above.

    Thanks again

  • Shotaro

    thanks XD all worked well

  • Neil

    worked well thanks!

  • JOHN

    When I try to boot up with the XP CD in the DVD drive, I never get to the ‘Welcome’ screen. I just see the DELL screen and then the screen informing me of a problem and the choices of using the last configuration that worked, boot normally, safe mode, etc. Choosing any of them gets the blue screen with the UBV error message. How do I get into the system to run chkdsk, etc.


  • Mike

    If you get into Windows Repair and it won’t recognize the C: drive, forget the Windows XP Repair disk.

    I’ve fixed this error several times using Seagate SeaTools for Dos, available from the SeaGate website. Run the short test, if it fixes at least one error, restart the machine. If the short test doesnt pick up the error, run the long test to completion and restart. Voila.

    • pris

      This was very helpful. Once I was able to make a working bootable disk from the SeaTools ISO (I used the ISORecorder app from, I was able to boot the laptop with the unmountable boot volume error to SeaTools disk. It’s found one error so far on the long test, and I am hoping it’s able to fix my problem!

  • i need help

    I have dell with windows 2006
    First i hit 12
    Than i did boot from disk and hit enter
    It loads a blue screen with a gray bar that says setup is load files ( with some stuff like host adapter and stuff
    than is stays setup is starting windows
    i get welcome to setup
    i hit R
    than i get
    WIndows XP professional setup

    Examining 238418 Md Disk 0 at id 0 bus 0 on iastor…

    Nothing happens from this point what am i doing wrong there is no administrator pass word.

    • Br.

      Thank you soo much !
      My pc got this error now in christmas and this saved me 😀

    • Jim

      You need the AHCI driver for your Dell’s HDD available on thier website, and load it from a floppy disk. Press F6 when Setup asks if you need to install a third party driver. That is the only way Setup/ Repair will see your HDD…

    • Stillnotworking

      Mine is doing exactly the same thing! Did you ever get it fixed?

    • WINDOWS 2006..???????

      that’s the problem,, it doesnt come with administrator password

  • Fred

    thank you so much it worked. only addition to directions is to type “Y” when asked if c is the partition for fixboot. thank you thank you!!!!

  • Marion J. Stearns

    volume in this case mens that the “Volume with bars underneath” looks just like what you see on the television screen when you are turning up or down the volume. This sits onthe bottom of my laptop screen all the time, how do I get rid ofit?

  • Parkit

    Worked like a charm. Thank you.

  • Gerri

    If I own a Dell and install the disc will all stored data be lost, along with files?

  • Erika

    Thank you – this website saved my dell …I kept getting the blue screen – would not re-boot from cd-rom, to get into the recovery console. So with this site’s suggestions, I pressed f2, found how to disable the hard drive, to get the machine to boot from the cd-rom, and used the chkdsk /p command. I saw something that said the chkdsk /r command would erase data. After re-booting I re-enabled the hard drive and reset the order to what it was, and then re-booted again without the disk in the cd-rom, and everything looks great. Thanks again. One question: what are the implications of using the /p command instead of the /r command? What have I messed up or not fixed properly?

  • James

    thx soooo much omg omg omg omg omg this is the BEST, i love this fking site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ShogunMMA

    Man thank god for this fix! Whew.. just got that unmountable boot error. Did exactly as said in this article and it worked like a charm!

    Thank you!!

  • chad

    wow. absolutely perfect. thank you so much. 5-stars across the board.

  • thankyou soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!! worked absolutely perfectly. you are an absolute LIFESAVER

    • Amanda

      I can’t find my XP installation CD, but have Vista from my other computer, will this screw everything up if I use my Vista CD? I think so, but i’m out of options at this point. My other computer does not have a floppy drive in order to download the boot disks since I don’t have the XP CD. I’m assuming my HD is done since i’ve had a ton of other problems, all I want to do is to be able to boot up so I can dump all my info off the hard drive before I install a new one.


  • ZK

    Great advice tipmonkies

  • Norbs

    thanks for the tips guys, worked for me. i did have to follow the advice of a previous poster – hit F2 immediately upon startup to get to a menu where i could arrow down to “boot sequence”… had to adjust this so that “boot from CD/DVD etc” is first on the list. from there the steps listed above worked as billed. success!

  • Ace

    Thanks, That worked great!

  • jon

    thankyou so much!! quick and easy and too the point.

  • Zonda

    I tried this but without success then found this text on another site.

    If for some reason that don’t work for you, you can boot to the recovery console like above and…
    Type “chkdsk /r” then enter
    When done type “exit” and hit enter.
    This will take longer, but the system should boot back into Windows.

    And it did!!
    So thanks to this site and another I now have my Dell desktop back. Hurrah!

  • mark

    had no other pc/laptop, so had to use my PSP to browse the internet. after waiting a decade for pages to i came across this page and it has saved me heaps of trouble. excellent Advice, really helpful… thankyou.

    • LOL! :D

      lol if it got bricked 😀

  • rob

    Great job. It worked

  • jjonajameson

    Thank you a kazillion!! I thought I was screwed until I followed the steps on your website. I have a Toshiba laptop and like one of the contributors, had to press F2 really quickly to get the process startedl. thaks again. Your website was a huge help to me!! 🙂

  • jeff

    thanks a lot… this worked perfectly

  • Colin

    Thank you,Thank you, Thank you, GREAT POSTING………….I owe you one.


  • Nicholas

    I have dell with windows xp
    First i hit 12
    Than i did boot from disk and hit enter
    It loads a blue screen with a gray bar that says setup is load files ( with some stuff like host adapter and stuff
    than is stays setup is starting windows
    i get welcome to setup
    i hit R
    than i get
    WIndows XP professional setup

    Examining 152587 Md Disk 0 at id 0 bus 0 on iastor…

    Nothing happens from this point what am i doing wrong there is no administrator pass word.

  • steve

    worked cheers

  • Joeblow

    Will a windows xp pro disk work if I have xp home on the computer

  • Benjamin

    I’m not a tech person, and I’m also not trying to promote Linux or anything. I got the unmountable boot volume error about 10 days ago. I did NOT have a CD or anything to reboot it. I kept calling around, asking friends if they had XP home, and I got tired of waiting. So I downloaded Ubuntu, the Linux operating system. I burned it on a CD, then booted my laptop from the CD and installed it. It asked me if I wanted a dual boot system, and I said yes. It allowed me to select the amount of hard disk space to partition for the new operating system, all the while keeping Windows XP as well. I only let Ubuntu take up 5gigs, and let it install itself. Well, I was happy, because I was back on the internet! Ubuntu seemed to work fine, even used it’s own software to locate my wireless router (I was worried about getting that to work). Anyway, long story short, now my laptop asks me if I want to boot Ubuntu or XP. So, this morning I went ahead and selected XP to show my friend what the error code was, and XP booted right up!! So, I’m sure a lot of you will slam what I just said, but for those without a CD who need to get back online, it might be worth a try. Now I have a backup operating system ready to go whenever XP crashes again, if I don’t end up using it regularly. P.S., the Ubuntu operating system comes complete with Open Office, which let me view powerpoints and look at my Word documents. I’m not sure yet if I can actually create a new Word document or anything though.

    • Paul

      Hi Benjamin,

      did you manage to recover all your files with Unbutu?


    • Derek Howard

      > This is because Ubuntu runs fdisk during install.

  • sheree

    thankyou thankyou thankyou. it didnt work first go, but i tried it again and worked fine. you saved my life!!

  • poul

    You just saved my day!!!! Thanks a lot

  • LD


    i followed the steps above, but when i type chkdsk /p or chkdsk /r or even just chkdsk, my laptop doesnt understand the command, I have tried others too as per some other threads I have seen, but nothing works and I am at my wits end, has anyone got any other suggestions?

    many thanks

    • Espio

      i presume you are running windows and not linux or mac?

      if you are running windows, then its something i havent had before, maybe a format c: helps?

  • Keith

    brilliant!!!!!! it worked a treat

  • anonymous

    Hi. I am using an Acer TravelMate 2300 with XP. Just got the unmountable boot volume screen, but no matter what I do I cannot stop the comp from rebooting itself the instant the blue screen appears. Also, the XP system came already installed, so there is no disc, though I can borrow one from someone else. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • edward

    replace your hard disk,the boot sector is corrupted.

  • Murat Kaya

    thanks, it works…

    • Guest


  • rhia

    oh my gosh thanks so much it worked fine!

  • Andy

    done all the above and still does not work. Help please!!


  • Tim

    Wow it worked, thank you so much. That fixboot part is the most important thing to do. Time for me to backup my files then i can format this thing…

  • Skatu


    I recently got the ““unmountable boot volume” on my Toshiba Satellite A100.I tried to download a windows XP OS from a site online. It download and i burnt it off on a cd.I tried to run it on the laptop and changed the boot sequence to boot from CD-ROM but it wouldn’t boot.It kept going back to blue screen.It doesnt even boot from safe mode.I dont know what to do.Please help me.Do i have to get the original XP CD to fix it or use an Original Vista CD?Please help me ….


  • Abbs

    Thanks for the info!!! But wouldn’t this cause you to lose all the saved files on your hard drive? Or not?

  • melfin

    thank you a lot!!!

  • gadgetman37

    There is a typo in this article. chkdsk has no such parameter as /p. It should be /r as onfirmed on the Microsoft site. For a full list of parameters type chkdsk /?

  • elistuy

    Thank You

    Worked PERFECTLY!!!

  • rjp

    I tried this fix and chkdsk /p resulted in: “the volume appears to have one or more unrecoverable problems”. So I ran fixboot , it created a new bootsector. I typed exit and rebooting brought up the screen to start in safe mode. I tried that and got the orginal Unmountable Boot Volume. Any more suggestions?

    • rjp

      Also, its appears the be the 0xc000009c error code version. This appears to be caused by a UDMA hard disk controller but I cannot seem to this explicitly stated anywhere. How do check if I have this UDMA thing?

  • annie

    Thanks, very useful post! I’m still shopping for a new computer but at least now I can back things up.

  • Jon

    regardless of the typo this here’s a life saver. thanks!

  • Dgourd

    Before you buy a knew hard drive, try doing a clean install. Before you install though format the hard drive with the installation cd. You will lose all your data, but it beats getting a knew hard drive or not using your laptop at all.

  • nanaof4

    at chkdsk /p after 27% it says volume appears to contain 1 or more unrecoverable problems…….this is a dell inspirion 5100……….any ideas?

  • Andrew Ahrendt

    Thank You SOOOOOOO Much For This!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sahil

    Worked perfectly and when i was all rejoicing i get “IRQL not less or equal” blue screen error upn startup.
    Someone help!

  • J

    Thanks tipmonkies! It worked!!!!!!

  • lgcc

    thank you very much. I have learnt a big lesson and have backed up all files from the hard drive.

  • Alex

    Okay, originally my computer just booted up in an infinite loop (got to the loading screen, then went back to the beginning), but a different help guide online told me to disable automatic restarts on errors and I did, now I get this.

    The problem is, I don’t have an XP installation disk. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this without an installation disk?

  • Jesus E. Medina

    Really really! Thank you. The problem is fixed!

  • ritrits

    What can one do if the CD-ROM don’t detect the CD and have stoped functioning

  • James

    Thank you so much!! It worked! Flawlessly. I was so scared I had lost all of my information since I didn’t do any backup beforehand. The comments left by others were especially helpful! I’ll describe my experience below so that it may help you.
    I have a Dell laptop inspiron 700m, working fine until it gave me the blue screen with the unmountable boot volume. I didn’t have any “Windows XP CD-ROM” but I did have a “Dell Laptop Windows Operating System CD” which I created for backup years ago (Thank God!). I inserted the CD, right on the startup screen I pressed F12. It then says “boot menu”. Choose the IDE CD-ROM and not the IDE HDD, because you want to reboot from the CD, not the hard drive, since your hard drive is in trouble. Then it takes me to the Welcome Screen (be patient!) and then I followed the exact directions as above, and it worked fine. One thing to remember is not to type in any command until you see the “C:/>” prompt. And the “chkdsk /p” has a SPACE in it. Good luck y’all! I’m hella happy my computer is back.

    • Lori

      Thanks for making note of the SPACE in “chkdsk /p”…I missed that and couldn’t figure out why this wasn’t working for me.
      After I read your post, I went back and it worked PERFECT!

    • Name

      I have the same problem can I please borrow that cd rom

  • hopeless23

    I have a Dell Laptop. I was able to get into setup to disable the interal hdd as someone else mentioned. I then hit boot from cd. It stated that it loaded files. Did I overwrite my other files? Are my pictures that were stored on my harddrive gone forever?

    • SDC

      It worked for me on the 2nd time! I had to do both the chkdsk /p and the chkdsk /r before I saw any improvement but it worked! Thank you!!!

      • b

        ok this is it on a normal xp pc clcik del to enetr setup on startup inster our disc into the cd/dvd drive and click advanced bios settings. next turn whichever boot device which is hard drive to cd/dvd drivr and follow on thru

  • Kareema

    Thank you very much for the advice.. I tried it and it works wonderfully.

  • Gautam

    I went into the BIOS and changed the First Boot priority to CD ROM but the screen says Booting from ATAPI CD ROM … and then the blue screen error(Unmountable Boot Volume) appears again. What could be the reason. Should i attach my hard disk as a slave to another machine and then format my drive and install Windows XP again?

  • Paul

    Did not work first time, but after two tries took PC apart, wiggled all conections etc, then tried procedure again (with /r) and then it worked! Bril!! Doing full backups now and going to PC world to buy a new hard drive, they are only £60,- The old one can become a slave drive.

    Thanks for the extremely helpful tips and all the comments!


  • Lori

    Works PERFECT!!

  • Paul

    You are the best, my wife and i thought that we would have to but a new computer. this worked great the first time.

  • Anon

    Thanks! I can’t believe it, but this worked perfectly. So much for buying a new PC….

  • Lin

    I use this fixed my computer problem. Thank you very much!

  • scott

    I also have done all of the steps but when I get to the selecting the R for repair, it locks up at
    WIndows XP professional setup

    238418 Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on iastor…

    it has also gone past this to the next page but I don’t get a prompt to type in chkdsk or fixboot. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  • uzo

    thanks very much for your advice. it worked. there is a little error,
    when your are in DOS prompt type chkdsk (chkdsk/p is wrong), other steps are correct.

    • If you are in recovery console, like it says to do, /p IS correct. There are different options depending on where you are running chkdsk at. Use chkdsk /? for your options.

  • Ross

    worked for me…thanks!

  • K73

    Does it have to be an XP install disk you originally used or can you use any one else’s XP disk?

  • George

    omg. thank you sooo much. it got it to work again!

  • NickBoy98

    u are the best now my computer is a liitle laggy but working

  • Ash

    At last, the solution to the dreaded error that I am experiencing. However, does anyone know if I follow these steps then will it let me into Windows normally and keep all my files or will it wipe them off as part of this process?

  • fixed!

    Thank you! I have used this fix on three occasions so far!

  • Spaz

    Your a supastar. Fixed it first time. Many many thanx.

  • Desperate

    Hi i am having the same issue, i get a blue screen that says “unmountable boot volume” and i have two cd’s for windows reformat, but one of them does not let me get past the “press any key to boot from cd”, i pressed every key i could..but it wont load. Second cd brings me strat to ms dos..where ur chkdsk /p command did not work..

    Please please please help..i dont even see the welcome screen.thank you.

  • tamsin

    please help!!!! i got the dreaded unmountable boot volume message..tried all 5 methods to boot.. safe mode..etc and none of these worked it just kept going back to same message..then whilst trying to boot i pressed f10 for recovery mode and something called pc angel popped up i followed the onscreen instructions and it worked!!! my pc is now as good as new ( i even had to go through the start up like when i first got my laptop) all files and folders have been deleted,and my laptop is faster than ever..great! but pc angel has deleted all my photos (about 1000) and im gutted i can never get these photos back..please any ideas how to retrieve my photos????

    • PCTechGuy

      If you are at all famliar with burning images to a disc, then do a google search for Hiren’s Boot CD. Download that and burn the image to a cd. When you load the cd back in (after burning it) look for a program call Get Data Back NTFS. That program recovers data pretty good. Just follow the on screen options.


    ok i did this but must have done something wrong it ended up installing windows again and now i have lost everything on computer … including drivers and i cant get on internet to have the reinstalled … i have called dell and they told me which drivers i needed but when i installed them they sd they do not work ….GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i need some serious help . I am so confused and cant not wait to have this sent back to dell for them to fix …any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    Hi I’ve tried this, and other things, but it doesn’t work. I can’t even get to the DOS prompt. Recovery console doesn’t work and it won’t even let me reformat. I’ve got some really important stuff on the laptop and, very stupidly, have lost the USB drive I backed it up to. Is there anything else I can do?

  • Stephen

    Dude, your tip saved me from unnecessary PC repair costs. Many thanks.

    – XP user

  • Anonymous

    I got an ‘Unmountable Boot Volume’ blue screen error on my Gateway 700s, running Windows XP Home. I followed the instructions to run “chkdsk /p’ in Recovery mode and as well, ran ‘fixboot’. This worked for a few hours, then same failure. I then ran “chkdsk /r” and the fixboot again. The messages tell me that the boot sector was corrupted but that a new boot.ini was created. I tried to start up and (still in dos) was told I had a bad hard drive and to consult my ‘troubleshooting guide” – HA.

    I selected start from ‘Last known good configuration’ and the machine is up and running…

    Here is my question: do I now assume that everything is ‘OK’ or do I (while it is up & running): 1) save all data, do a clean install on the HD and put all the data back? 2) get a new HD and install it & move all data off the old one as it is going to implode again any day now, or 3) run some other repair software/command and try to segregate away the bad sector that is causing my problems.

    I am afraid to assume this is fixed and can’t find any advice/solutions that go beyond the ‘chkdsk /p(r)’ and ‘fixboot commands, and am worried my problem is deeper than that simple fix.

    Please help – – thnx in advance!

    • Anonymous

      I think you have been super lucky. If I were you, I would be running out and buying an external harddrive and backing up everything tonight. This may be your small window of oppertunity to save everything. Once you have your backup safe and sound, you can decide to continue using the drive as is… or replacing it.

  • Anonymous

    I had the unmountable boot volume error and have reinstalled Windows XP, is there any way I can recover my old files from the same computer?

  • Anonymous

    I have a Laptop that is runing Vista Home Prem.I can’t get the computer to reboot.
    I have been sent to the BSOD and I can’t find a way out.
    I have even tried using the recovery disc but,that hasn’t worked.I either get the BSOD OR I get nothing but a black screen after it tries to boot up.i have tried different boot squences but nothing has helped.

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    I dont know how can i get to the DOS prompt when I press F2 to run the recovery console it wants a floopy disk! I dont have a floopy disk, neithe a floopy drive? What am I doing wrong here, I dont see anyone talking about the old floopy shits!

    • Gmcmen

      You must go into the bios settings by pressing “Delete” at startup, change the “Boot” until the first boot device is “CD Rom”

  • Anonymous

    you then should try chkdsk /r and then fixboot. some bootsectors are different than others

  • Anonymous

    I have gotten as far as the recovery console from the cd even ran the chkdsk /r (unfortunately the first tech help I found said to use/r) the program never ran, just sat there all night at the command prompt. Now when I follow same steps to get into recovery console, I can get there, but no command prompt ever comes up, no cursor, nothing… any suggestions Thanks so much

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    I’ve tried doing this but when I got to 41%
    it says the volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems and the boot sector cannot be fixed…

    does this mean I have to reformat?

  • Anonymous

    Any help if you try the abpve steps and it freezes on the blue screen after you hit r and it never makes it to the DOS mode?

    • Anonymous

      Same thing happen to me. I tried it again and hit the r key immediately after the screen appeared and it went to the next step. I hope it works for you.

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    Just used this guide to save my computer from the blue screen of death, thanks very much brilliant stuff.

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    Do the above steps delete personal files from the HDD?

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        many thanks for the guidance ,which was spot on took about 30 mins start to finish .after wasting a week with a live cd and hirens boot cd (not really knowing which tools to use )
        thanks to the simple almost idiot proof instructions i could save my friends data

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    I’ve hit the blue screen of death and wld really apreciate some help. I’ve got Windows XP. I can’t find the original installation disks, it came pre-loaded from Dell (I’ve got the receipt), although can borrow a friends copy. Would their licence codes work for my machine?

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      Thank you very much

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    I love you 🙂

    I used my girlfriend’s laptop XP installation disk on my PC and wasn’t asked for any code for those of you that have asked 😉

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    I am also gettig the blue “Unmountable Boot Volume” screen. However, when I follow the boot sequence, I never get the “Welcome to Setup” screen that is needed to get to the DOS promt and start this great fix everyone is talking about. Any ideas?

    • Anonymous

      I had to press a few different prompts to get there, but I did and it did work. As I said in my comment: I had callled Dell three times and they did nothing.
      It did take me two tries to get it working.

    • Anonymous

      try a different installation disk if u can’t see the repair option. u may use any service pack version of xp. if fixboot won’t help for some reasons, try fixmbr instead and then hit “Y” when asked for an option. u guys might wanna try bootcfg /rebuild too

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    THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Yes, I am yelling. I had the unmountable boot volume error and followed your instructions and am back up and working. Three calls to Dell did NOT even come close to fixing this problem. Ain’t the internet wonderful.

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    When it gets to the option of loading up the console, pressing F3 or Enter to start Windows, it freezes, I press any of the keys and nothing happens. This is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Thank you so much, this worked for me perfectly, except I only used chkdsk instead of chkdsk/p. Thank you again!!!!!

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    I have the restore CDs for my Sony Vaio. I put the CD in and boot my computer and it starts reading the cd and once it loads I get a blue screen with a larger than typical white arrow (my cursor because it moves with the mouse movements). Then it never changes. When I click F2 on boot I don’t get a Boot Sequence Option. Can anyone help or does this mean I have to replace my hard drive?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have to much experience with computers, but you can try to hit F12 instead of F2 when you get your first screen. This worked for me when I had this problem.

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    Used the chkdsk /r to fix my daughters dell with XP Home. Great article! BTW, I used my Ubuntu 9.10 disc to access her files and copy them to an external HD before attempting the fix.

    Thanks for the write up!

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    when i insert the xp cd, the computer wont even go to welcome screen.any ideas…

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    after inserting xp installation disk, no welcom screen comes up. any ideas

  • I am currently having this problem with my HP PC. It’s an old system, but the hard drive is less than two years old. The computer is stuck in a boot loop between the gateway logo and the Windows XP screen. It won’t go into safe mode either. The one time I was actually able to get it to load to anything, using last working configuration, I got the blue screen of death with the unmountable boot volume error.

    I only have 1 disc that was included with the PC, and it’s a restore disc. No XP disc, and no repair option. Only a format and install option. It does allow me to boot to dos, though. Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    dear all,

    wish someone here could help me… I am now in Africa with my new Fujitsu netbook.
    When I was editng a word file I suddenly got all the alphabet keys wrong e.g. a “0” shows up when I press onto the “M” key…… and when i t, this dreadful message comes out. The problem is that I havem any photos in my HD and I don’t have any CD/floppy drives for the netbook. What should I do…

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    When I try to boot up with the XP CD in the DVD drive, I never get to the ‘Welcome’ screen. I just see the DELL screen and then the screen informing me of a problem and the choices of using the last configuration that worked, boot normally, safe mode, etc. Choosing any of them gets the blue screen with the UBV error message. How do I get into the system to run chkdsk, etc.

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    I put in the cd, and restart but get no welcome screen and just the damn blue one. Then again, I am cluless with computers and it might just be me.

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    hello, i want to try this step but i cant because when i insert my cd xp its automatic go to partition and no menu tu press R key. how can i get the R?

    thank you

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    I thought my system was done for, but this worked perfectly. The only hitch was that the XP installation CD refused to run, but all you have to do is click f2 if your on a DELL and make the computer boot from the CD. THANKS A BUNCH!

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    If this doesn’t work for you, the problem is that the hard drive has crashed. My situation forced me to replace the drive ($65) since the drive could no longer be recognized on any other system. If your situation is similar, this means you probably can’t get the data off of it without sending it off to a data recovery company (unless you have a friend with the proper software to retrieve data from crashed drives). Usually around $400 for data recovery, or more if you have a drive bigger than 500Gb.

    • Sos Wee

      when I get to command line: C:> chkdsk /r , I get a message saying “the volume appears to contain one or more unrecoveralbe problems”. I even tried “fixboot” which states successful, but problem continues…Any Idea’s?

  • Bumming


    Unfortunately I do not have my XP Install Disk (either lost or never received one with laptop). What I think I need is a Bootable CD but am confused by what I find when I search the web. Does anyone have a recommended way of creating a Bootable CD for a machine running XP Professional SP2.

    Many thanks

  • Nikita

    I have a DELL inspiron mini, and it doesn’t have a cd drive-in. and I’m getting the unmountable bot volume error constantly.
    what to do?

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    Can’t get past warning screen that says memory adress falure

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    Thanks to GOD, it works for my laptop. I didn’t type the fixboot c: command just chkdsk /p then type exit. Be Carefull if you type the fixboot c :, I suggest you try only chkdsk / p first. GBU

  • rob

    This process seems to have worked me as well. I am writing to just add a few details & confirmations others might find helpful if doing this for the first time (like I was):
    — I had the issue that some have that, although I have an XP disk, the computer did not pay any attention to it during start-up. I got to the screen with various “safe mode” options, all of which led to the same Unmountable Boot Volume error. I was able to get to the BIOS by hitting F2; once there tab across the top to “BOOT” and choose the CD-ROM option; F10 allowed me to save and exit this part.
    — It did start to boot up via the CD-ROM, but it took several minutes of CD activity (setting up a wide variety of processes) before it got to setting up windows, and then it finally asked me if I wanted to format the HD or repair it (hit “r”). I chose “r” and then after a brief delay it gave me the C:> prompt. I typed in chkdsk /p and hit enter.
    — It took some time for CHKDSK to do its work, probably 10 minutes. It keeps track of the % completed, but it is not evenly spread, and a couple times I worried it had failed halfway through the process. Finally, when it was done, a message appeared that saiud “CHKDSK found one or more errors on the volume.” Then there was a brief delay and some HD use data was displayed, before finally giving the C:> prompt again.
    — The type in “fixboot” and “y” in response to the question about partitioning. This was very quick for me — it said almost instantly that it had written a new boot sector and that it was successful.
    — Then I typed “exit” and in the restart I hit F2 again, assuming that I would need to change the start-up back to the hard disk (HDD). I chosen HDD and F10, and then the machine started up like usual.

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    i have the u-b-v blue screen on m,y latitude d410 but no cd rom drive in it. i don’t even have a floppy drive in it.all i have is a one-slot pmcia.

    how am i supposed to perform any tasks to repair this ubv error?


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    Everytime Setup finishes, it starts Windows, and then a damn blue screen! What do I do? I boot from the disk, but this happens!

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    I just use CHKDSK /P without FIXBOOT, after the check the WinXP can be restarted successfully.

  • If only I had a disk :(

    Can you format without a disk?

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    I have followed the directions exactly – chkdsk /r, fixboot, installed a new HD, everything hat has been mentioned and still get the blue Unmountable Boot Volume error message. It worked for about 5 minutes when I installed XP on it then the blue screen came on. The hard drive works when I put it in another computer but won’t work on the one I want to use.

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    OK, so I have the same problem as everyone else on here except my screen is completely unreadable. The entire screen iscovered in what only can be explained as a pixel explosion. Could my video card be shot? How do I perform these steps if I cant see anything?!?!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, separate issue. Hopefully, it’s just your video card…

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    Hey thanks for the information, i always use to format my drive when this happend!

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    Hey, used this fix successfully with my girlfriend’s XP laptop a few months ago and now I’m trying t fix her sister’s Vista OS laptop with the same ‘unmountable’ problem.

    It won’t boot the disc, just hangs on a black screen with a blinking cursor. (I can hear it trying to access the disk, though I’ve left it for 2 hours with no luck!)

    I’ve reset the boot order and even tried creating a USB version of the Vista disk in case the DVD drive is dead but neither work.

    Anyone got any ideas? I’m starting to think the HDD is fatally damaged…

    Thanks in advance!

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    Very usefull info. Also if all else fails get a hdd surface scan bootdisc like Hiren’s boot or something similar and use the hdd regenerator prog or spinrite to fix possible bad sectors on your hdd. About 80% of all unmountable boot volume errors is caused by bad sectors and just this hdd scan usually fix that problem with not doing anything extra. Hope this is helpfull

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  • Geowolst

    I’ve tryed over and over again, but when I get to “do you want to boot from the CD hit any key” or something like that, I hit enter any it just goes to the windows XP loader then the blue screen again. I know I got the F2 setup correct, disabled every thing but the CDrom as the first drive. What could I be doing wrong? It sounds simple enough.

    • Expresscom2000

      I have been experiencing the same problem for the 2nd time in 3 months.I think the problem is the microsoft operating system.I can’t afford to keep paying people to repair my PC nor can I continue to lose information.My next computer will be an apple because every apple user I know does not experience this nonsense.In addition, Apple stands by their product and microsoft lets it’s users go through this emotional and financial torment!

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    i have this problem on a mini inspiron i can only seem to get to the screen where if says it failed to boot options safe modes normal then i choose any of them and it takes a while to get to the windows welcome loading screen and i tried r f 12 and f 5 but they dont seem to do anything

    • Jjdaniels1

      use a xp disk and follow the diretions..what are u talking about

  • Tom13uk1

    Is it possible to fix this by using Ubuntu from a USB?

  • how to put the installer of windows 7 in a usb ? because my laptop has no external cd drive..and i think i need to boot it. i got hp mini..i’ accidentally compressed my drive c and i cannot open it  .. pls help me!

  • Jonathan Kushner

    When I hit ‘r’ in the windows installation session, it replies that it isnt the ASR disk. Any ideas?

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    I can’t enter ‘repair your compuer’. It says that it’s loading n then it totally stops without even showing anything. I can’t enter safe mode also. Windows installation wont work as well. It’s a HP laptop. I tried putting vista cd instead of 7 n that wont work as well. I have windows 7. Plz help….

  • fatorangefishgumball

    when I did this and got another error (I forgot what it said). I was in class and the teacher told me to use “chkdsk /r” and told me not to bother with fixboot. then I was able to boot into safemode to do a system restore. This is for win xp

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    All goes smoothly for me but still goes to blue screen 🙁

    Any idea why i get f:/minint instead of c:/windows?


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    to andy………………do you still have a cd/dvd in the bay or maybe a data usb that has a autorun ini logged in it?

  • bouno pache

    to Tom and Josephine……………..
    you need to open the iso then copy all the system to your usb, then put ur usb in the usb drive and open it and click on setup.exe this applies to all OS systems, there are alot of FREE programs available to open a iso………..


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    Followed this proceedure as stated got msg that “volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems”. Hve prompt…no idea what to do…can anyone help ? I have a important photos and files I need to recover. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.

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    Sounds great, but I have just one little problem: I am away from home for the next 10 days and do not have my XP Installation disks. For that matter, the last time I had a PC problem and looked for them at home, I couldn’t find them then either. 🙁 Is there any other way of working this out without the disks??

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!


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    I found a similar page about this on the microsoft website, but the microsoft instructions tell you to type chkdsk /r into the command prompt instead of chkdsk /p. Is there a reason to choose p specifically?

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    I am totaly lost


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    should i bought the same version between the installer and the system operation of my win7 ?
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    hi there i am having this problem with my acer 5942g laptop i dont have the win 7 instillation disc all i have is the 2 dvds that i burned to make a back up image will this work if not is there any other way to fix this problem?

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    OMG! It looks like it has worked! I got my main laptop back up. I do still have a Dell Mini 10 that doesn’t have a cd or dvd drive, that has the same issue, but maybe I will try hooking up my portable drive to that to see if I can fix it. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember I had gotten a disk with my XPS 2010 until after I ordered a new installation disk, but now I have a full installation disk as well. Thank you all so very, very much for this site! I think I will print this all out just in case I ever need it again!

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    OMG this worked like a charm on my old Dell XP laptop. I found the instructions about hitting F12 quickly and it worked. The instructions were so simple to follow. You are a true life saver! Thank God I just got a little netbook for an upcoming trip so I was able to search the web and found your website.

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    Was there ever an anser for this one please:

    After typing the R option I get the below:

    Examining 238418 Md Disk 0 at id 0 bus 0 on iastor…
    Nothing happens from this point what am i doing wrong there is no administrator pass word.

    I get the same. It just sits there and does nothing. Anyhelp would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    got through all the steps and still no start up page? I did install new hdd and did a reinstall of xp sps he. prior. diagnostics show no problems? dell 530s new in 2008. maybe try another new install?

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    I tried twice to fix my computer using the chkdsk /p and fixboot but to no avail. and the first time it also told me “the volume appears to have one or more unrecoverable problems” But I tried a 3rd time with the chkdsk /r and i must have waited two or three hours and after about an hour of the percentage complete stuck at 73% I aborted it and attempted to try chkdsk /p again but I missed the prompt and got back to the “start windows normally” and just for hecks i tried it, AND IT CAME RIGHT TO LIFE! And I checked my files and they are all fine! (but I was backed up anyway so no big deal) Thanks so much! I don’t what happened during the failed chkdsk /r or what the chkdsk /p didn’t do originally but I’m good anyway and without this I wouldn’t have had a clue as to where to start. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!

  • Dnique

    Ok so if I put in my windows 7 disc it goes to a black screen with a cursor and stays there and with my recovery disc it will just freeze up and stop WHAT DO I DO!?!?!


    What if I don’t have the disk to use will I have to buy it?

  • MuMmer

    My Gateway is long in tooth, and not backed up at all, but I, at least, have a clue what caused my UBV blue screen. I never knew, because I always inserted a UBS plug correctly, but two of my four USB2 ports have the small plastic piece missing that prevents putting the terminal in upside down–until now! My machine immediately went dark, and when I removed the USB terminal and turned the laptop on, the UBV greeted me. I have XP Professional SP3 with all updates.

    Does the cause give anyone a clue as to what went wrong and how to fix it? I’m sure my XP disc, if I ever had one, has disappeared. Any comments will be very much appreciated!

  • Depth

    For a computer noob like me I have no idea what to do I have a Sony Vaio laptop it gets this error but I don’t know or have a installation disc, I think that my aunt has one though, would it matter if it was in Japanese?

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    I type in chkdsk /R C:
    and I get
    Cannot open volume for direct access.

    Is the drive toast or is there anything else I can try?

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  • chirag

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  • Technically Challenged

    I have gotten the “dreaded” blue screen. I have followed all of the directions, inserted my xp re-install disk, got to my bios, then went into recovery console and typed CHKDSK /P at the c: prompt. That was about 45 minutes ago. The first line said “checking the volume”, then next three lines said “performing additional checking or recovery” then next line is saying at 27% complete. And it has been there for about 30 minutes or so. I have a Dell tower and it doesn’t have tons of files or anything. Can’t remember the size of the harddrive though…….can I expect it to continue like this or is somehting else going on?

  • Nick (16)

    insert your drive into another machines as a slave and do a chdsk by start- run – chdsk

  • Trent

    I did all these steps until the chkdsk /r e: (that’s where my OS is) and then all this Japanese stuff came up… On a Samsung series 7 chronos with 1tb memory

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    I am facing the ‘Unmountable Boot Volume” on my Dell inspiron 9000 windows XP. This good article. But i afraid to try it. Because, i have critical data on my laptop. will this process erase personal data from hard disk??
    Can you suggest, how can i save my data on hard disk? like, boot from usb/cd and than copy data from hard disk to external hard disk.

    More over, i don’t have bootable usb/cd. can i download from any site??

    Your help will be appreciated.

    /\ Dilip Kumar

  • Arturo

    Ok, I start up windows 7 with the disc and choose repair but then my Windows looks like it’s going to start up but it just hangs there with the cursor spinning. It does not repair.

  • Withheld

    Keeps saying I do not have enough space to replace bad sectors when I had about 80gbs free.
    Also says failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50. Please help!

  • elfie

    After clicking next on the keyboard input, nothing comes up and it stays at the wallpaper with a cursor.
    I’ve tried leaving it on but nothing has changed for a few hours

  • shawn

    hi i was given few disk with my computer one is a operating systems disk and the other is drivers and utilities. either of these the right ones? hope so as last time this happened had info recovered and hard drive replaced

    • shawn

      > still waiting for some one to chime in here. have the windows xp disk but still goes to the blue screen even if r is pushed any help would be great

  • joao

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    Pressing R on start up and no recovery mode with DOS prompt appears.

  • Jarryd

    Pressing R on start up and no recovery mode with DOS prompt appears. XP cd in drive.

    • shawn

      > having the same problem no one seem to answer either.

  • Minhal hussain

    Hi Iv got the same problem but cant find my XP installation disc any help on how I can obtain it ?

  • Carrie

    I am successfully booting from the CD-ROM drive after reading all the useful tips, but I get the black screen with Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, etc. and can’t get the a command prompt to type chk dsk r or p. Please help. So many others are having success.

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    THANKS !!! It worked!
    I had to try three times, and on the third try I used ‘chkdsk /r’. It was a bit of a challenge because my OS is in Japanese!

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  • shawn

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    Thank you

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  • callum

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    its worked successfully

  • Riccardo Minervini

    Unmountable Boot Volume Sorted!

    Thanks for your article, i managed to fix the problem. I just would like to share how i did find way out to the problem. I did follow your instruction (very detailed and handy for all users even the beginners) but after putting the installation cd (the original) the pc wasn’t able to access to the Cd dirve even after i did change on the BIOS setting the CD-Drive putting it on the top of the list. I did run the diagnostic, all of them express, full and custom and i did find 3 errors 2 on the hard drive and 1 on the optical drive (cd drive).

    I made the last attempt but this time pressing F12 after rebooting the Pc and selecting from the menu CD-Drive. The Cd-drive started run well and i was able following your instruction reboot my pc without getting the blu screen of death.. i still can’t believe it after an entire day reading topics and almost giving up! Thanks a lot for the brilliant article. Cheers Riccardo

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  • Tuesday’s Eyebrow

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  • chaz

    It took overnight to complete the check disk, but then fixed the mbr and rebooted to the same halt screen. Right before I took a bat to it, I initiated the start windows normally choice and it booted up fine. So far its working well but I think Im going to replace the hard drive anyway.

    Thanks for the write up!

  • chaitanya

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  • leanne allister

    Hi my friends laptop is saying the unmountable boot drive…..but i have no idea how to get to the blue screen and it wont allow me to boot from the win 7 disc

  • Cliff

    Could not fix when I booted from the Win 7 Installation disk. In desperation, based on a related tip in another forum, I started bios setup (F12 on Dell Insp 1545 laptop) and changed the drive controller config – in my case from AHCI to ATA. When I exited the bios setup to continue booting the Windows repair option worked and chkdsk reported fixing a drive error on C:. However, the next reboot failed, and when I selected the repair option again it said it could not fix the boot problem – but the details suggested it may be a bios/system configuration problem! So I ran bios setup again and switched back to the AHCI option. Rebooted and bingo!
    So – Windows could fix the disk under ATA, but needed SATA/AHCI to run. I guess I can defer the Chromebook purchase a little longer.

  • Debebe

    My laptop is Toshiba corei5 installed with Windows 8. A friend of mine was in the BIOS setup. He handed to me upon completing his work. When I started it, it displayed no bootable device. I tried to enter into the BIOS setup using F2 key. I couldn’t. I tried with other keys not at all.
    Now, I am in trouble. Please help how to solve this problem.

  • Steve


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    when i write in the code: “Chkdsk /R C:” the command box just says “Cannot open volume for direct access.” what do i do then?

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  • If you don’t have a disk drive, there is another way to do this. The startup repair comes with it, btw. It can be found in the X:\ Drive

  • kyle

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    Thank you , my wife’s pc had bsod with “unmountable boot volume” on a HP DC 7600 desktop and had to use a commercial copy of xp pro as it would not let me use the HP os disc without firstly putting in the restore plus disc which meant that would mean formatting the hard drive and wiping everything off ! We couldn’t do that as everything would be lost , so I put in a com’ copy and following the above protocol worked a treat it only took 5 min to sort out and it worked hence pc was back to normal with nothing lost.
    Again a big big thank you

  • ice

    Hi, the command prompt doesn’t pop up after I selected “repair my commputer”.

    Whats wrong??

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    I tried all of your steps but never got to the installation or repair screen on the disk. The disk will not get that far in the installation. Does that mean the drive is bad and needs to be replace?

  • Led Jason Tagra

    I have hp pavilion dv5 2028ca and i got a message like this “Unmountable_Boot_Volume” i try to to boot from windows 7 installation disk and click repair your computer but suddenly no message or dialog screen apperead what should i do please any one can help me 🙁

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    I tried it, but it’s still prompting like “Safe Mode” “Last Known Good Config” “Start Windows Normal”. And I tried every one of them, but the blue screen keep appearing. What should I do?

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  • okay, I inserted the reinstallation disk and nothing happens. The blue screen with the unmountable boot prompt stays the same. HELP!

    • mike roach

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  • Steve

    I am seeing this exact problem and want to use this method to see if it is fixable for me. However, I have moved so many times I’m not sure that I still have my installation disk anywhere. I don’t really use this machine to much anymore…but I would like to pull some photos and files off of it one last time if salvageable. Will I be able to use another XP install disk to perform these functions?

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    I do not have windows xp program disc, I do have the ultimate boot dosc and an old system medic disc. Can I do anything with what I have to recover? Sending this from my old ass iPod Touch

    • ondalin

      it can be fixed by formatting C: of your system drive.

  • ondalin

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