Vista: Hide Windows Security Center Icon from System Tray

Call me crazy but I run Vista without all the security stuff it wants. I don’t want that security icon showing up all the time. Here is how to disable the windows security icon.

Firewall? Virus protection? Are you kidding me? If I wanted somebody telling me how to run my bloody vista system, I would have my mother as my admin.

Here is how to hide the stupid security icon on a vista box.

1. Double-click the security icon. You can also right-click and select Open Security Center


2. Click Change the way Security Center alerts me.


3. Select how you want the security icon to be displayed. If you don’t want it displayed at all (yeah!), then selected the one not recommended. 🙂


The Conversation

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  • Jonathan

    Thanks, I needed this!

  • M$mustLearnFromGoogle

    ouch my god,
    vista pisses me off so much ….
    switched off UAC, and thanks to you, no more red icon and no alert shit.

  • Jeremy

    Thank you that worked perfectly.

  • Gretan

    I don’t have that option there, to change the alerts 😐

  • Kevin Bean

    Thank you so much!

  • Oldboys

    cannot get adobe to install on vista piece of shiiiiiiiiiiiiii .it says it installed but will not play flash. cannot find c windows system32 under computer. ready to go back to my old computer with xp at least it worked.

  • boob

    thank youuu so much!!