iPhone: How to Delete Email

Posted June 24, 2007 by iphone_dude in Apple iPhone

With all the spam in this world, deleting email is a common part of life. Here I will describe the two different ways of deleting email from your iPhone.

iPhone supports gmail, yahoo mail, .mac, and POP mail systems without any problems. Deleting email from an account can be done as follows:

1. Go into your email on your iPhone

2. Press the Edit icon in the upper right hand corner

3. Press the Red minus key beside the email you wish to delete.

4. Confirm your deletion by pressing the red delete key that appears to the right of the email message.

5. Press the Done icon in the upper right hand corner when finished.


    You can also make the delete key appear by dragging your finger from left to right across an email as shown in the picture below:

Bulk Delete:

The iPhone does not have bulk delete capabilities. If you find yourself needing to bulk or mass delete emails, you may want to alter how you manage your emails.

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