iPhone: Add Dialed Number as Contact

Posted June 23, 2007 by iphone_dude in Apple iPhone

After dialing a number, a user may wish to add the number to his or her contact list. Here is how…

Saving a dialed number as a new contact is easy. Here is how to do it:

1. Dial the number

2. Click the Plus icon in the lower left hand corner.

3. Add New Contact

4. Input the contact information into the correct fields

5. Click the Save icon in the upper left hand corner to finish.

The Conversation

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  • Anders

    Question is: which address book is it saved to?

  • iphoner

    No that explanation is incorrect.
    Here is how to do it.
    View your call log,
    touch the little triangle that points to the right. Be careful not to touch before the triangle otherwise the number will be dialed.
    Then the add number to contact screen will open up. that’s it.

  • iphonenewbie

    Thanks for that information, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. It’s been a month since I had my iphone and I’ve been trying to figure it out…

  • ellebo

    The trick is NOT dialing the number you want to add..LOL advice to touch JUST the > key so as not to dial is accurate!