Set eMachines T5048’s System Fan To Quiet Mode

Posted May 26, 2007 by Super_Sonic in Windows

If you own an eMachines T5048, you’re probably getting ticked off about the fan and how loud it can be. You’ve probably searched the internet just trying to find out how to make the fan more quieter. Well, relief is here. Just read below to find out how to tell that fan to be quiet.

Note: This may only apply to the eMachines T5048 desktop model. If you want me to find out if this recipe can be done on other models, please PM me and I will gladly find out for you.

1. Close out any open applications on the Windows desktop. Now restart your computer.

2. When the eMachines logo pops up (the screen before the Windows Boot Logo appears), press F2.

3. You are now in the BIOS. Use the arrow keys to naviagate to the Exit Tab.

4. Under the Exit Tab, there will be a series of “Load (Something) Defaults”. Choose ‘Load Optimal Defaults’. Press ‘Y’ when it asks if you want to change it to this mode.

5. Save and Exit the BIOS. Once your computer has restarted, the fan should be much quieter than before.

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  • Holly

    I need to quiet my fan on emachine w3507…any suggestions

  • tim

    How do I get rid of that annoying big “E” at bios start up before windows starts up, is there a flash for the bios to do this. The computer is a T5048. Please help!!! :0)


    • Anonymous

      Close your eyes…

      • Ben2010uk

        hilarious, reading the posts while fixing an emachine, you made my day a bit better gonzo.

    • sss

      Nope. You’re stuck. No bios changes.

    • Michael

      With my emachine you hit delete to get into the BIOS at startup, arrow key right until you get to boot. then change boot time diagnostic screen to enabled and quick boot mode disabled.

  • Its_crunk

    I have an Emachine W5233 & once I turn it on the fan gets louder, settle down for like a second or two, get louder, and so on. I have to put it on sleep for about 5hours for it to be really quiet, and even then, when I begin to turn it back on it starts making noise. Any suggestions? Please!

    • i have the same pc and same problem.. somebody please help us

    • jodi

      I also have the Emachine W5233, it is very very loud, its been like this for years, i take it apart and clean it every other month, but still LOUD as ever, we say it sounds like a turbo jet taking off.>

  • Bob

    That was very helpful, I’ve been trying to reduce the fan noise for months.
    Thank you!

  • Sprahaka

    Thanks for the info – re doing the mom in laws T5048 and man what a difference with out the high speed fan . Much appreciated.