Outlook: Use Colors to Sort Email

Posted November 19, 2003 by AlexTheBeast in Microsoft Outlook

Using Outlook, it is easy to use colors to quickly sort your important email.

With newer versions of Outlook, you can organize by changing the font and color of unread messages to assist with sorting as well.

We all get tons of email a day. Sorting the important from the trash can sometimes be difficult on quick glance. How many times have you missed an important meeting because you missed the email from the boss? Well, you never have to do that again. Using colors to identify certain emails helps you to sort your emails more efficently.

1. Select an email from the person you want to highlight
2. Click Tools menu and then select organize
3. Select using colors
4. Select the color you wish to use
5. Click Apply Color

Now, all of your emails from that person will be highlighted in the color that you picked. You’ll never miss an email from your boss again.

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