Restore Hacked iPod to Default Firmware

Posted April 18, 2007 by pro-ipod in iPod

I love to hack my iPod, but sometimes I go too far. However, it is easy to restore a hacked iPod back to the safety of the original firmware.

Hacking firmware should not be scary. You can always restore back to the original firmware.

1. Make sure you all have music and data backed up from your iPod. Restoring will erase all data.

2. Connect your iPod and load iTunes

3. Select your device in the Source panel
4. From the Summary tab, select the Restore button


During this process, it is essential that the instructions are followed correctly. Mainly, the directions ensure that the device can be powered throughout the process and that the data being sent to your iPod is not interrupted.

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  • krloz

    hi im krloz can u helmp me plz i hacked my ipod but now my computer doesnt recocnise it how can i repair it ??? plz plz plz plz helm me my email is:

  • Ryan

    ok i have the rockbox hack but my itunes wont read my ipod and i cant get into it on my computer so wut do i do

    • Sherm

      Boot into disk mode:

      Toggle the [Hold] switch on and off

      Press and hold [Menu] + [Select] to reboot

      When you see the Apple logo release the buttons
      then press [Select] + [Play/Pause].

      From disk mode your PC should recognize your iPod, then you can use iTunes to restore it.

  • MBanar

    Thanks for this, god knows i’ve screwed up my ipod more than once with my own hacking,lol.

  • jose

    i have a 5th gen 30 gb ipod that i just learned how to hack it
    and now i just wanted to know if i could get a new version but still hacked?

  • Anonymous

    i tried hacking my ipod and end up screwed coz i used da wrong rar file n now it wont charge on pc,be recognized on pc or itunes,gets in to disk mode but still not recognized.please help really needed.da ipod is 30 gb 5th gen. classic.thanks for ur support.