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Posted April 18, 2007 by pro-ipod in iPod

With many external devices, the standard iPod volume is not loud enough. Here are the tricks that you can use to increase the output volume.

Two major ways exist for increasing the iPod volume.

There are advantages and risks to each way.

First, you can increase the volume of the song through iTunes:

    – Open iTunes.
    – Select Library.
    – Select a song or songs. (Ctrl+A for all.)
    – Right click and select Get Info. (If a prompted to edit multiple items, select Yes)
    – Navigate to Volume Adjustment at the bottom.
    – Move the arrow upward toward +100%
    – Click OK.
    – Sync your iPod.

This is an easy way to increase the volume of an individual song or multiple songs. However, this will frequently increase distortion. This makes the song “hotter” but doesn’t actually increase the volume coming out of the iPod.

Most software that you can download that will increase your iPod volume works through this matter as well.

The one piece of software that works well is goPod. This actually hacks the iPod firmware to allow the iPod to push more power. This will not actually distort the music (although it may introduce distortion by overpowering your earphones or external device.)

Obviously, hacking firmware is not for the lighthearted and you should do so at your own risk… although goPod makes it pretty easy.

Also, be careful. More volume and more power can destroy ear drums. Do not be crazy with the volume.

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  • Steve

    Thanks for the help. Just the advice I needed.

  • steve

    works great. thanks , steve

  • nechelle

    thanks this was very help ful..

  • Robert

    Thanks, needed this for a party 😀

  • Anonymous

    i was trying to get music on my ipod not my computer

  • Anonymous

    I have tried gopod 4.1 on my ipod classic but gopod gives a message ‘ipod not connected’ when it is. Itunes sees it and the usb sees it..? any suggestions please.

  • Anonymous

    First option increases volume on the computer sure enough but fails to sync to my classic ipod, and when try to download gopod I get a message saying my ipod is not connected.
    Apple has conned its trusting clients in Europe, it seems, and I will avoid buying their products like the plague in future.

    • Guest


      If you go onto eBay you can buy ipods which are made in othe counties and do NOT have the volume restriction imposed by the nanny state. I hope this helps buddy.

  • Mike


  • Anki

    Its de bst solution !! thnx man

  • thanks!! 😀

  • Wanpa

    Hi my name Walter
    l have for many years the ipod classic apple 160GB.
    after many years l have been using the ipod and l have to put the volume up,
    now , the ipod volume is on maxium and the sound through the ear piece is very low.
    l try to reset, but it doesn’t work.
    could you please help me to fix!