How to Reboot an iPod

Posted April 15, 2007 by pro-ipod in iPod

iPod acting funky? Reboot it! Everybody should know how to reboot this beloved device.

The iPod is perfect–almost. If your iPod is acting wierd, try a reboot!

Restart or reset your iPod:

1. Slide the hold key on the top of the device to the right and then back to the left again.
2. Press and hold the Menu button and the center “select” button for a few seconds.
3. After a few seconds, your device will reboot.

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  • Jonathan

    I gave my son an Ipod last year. He inadvertantly put a code in that he can’t remember. His ipod is now useless. How can we reset his ipod so that he can use it again?

    • hoyos

      in itunes, connect the ipod and make a restore, it should fix it

    • Alexloera1996

      he can always restore it

    • De_vo_20

      All you do is go on itunes and restore your sons ipod

  • Fadds

    that is restarting not rebooting .. rebooting is eraseing all the memory like new

    • HAHAHA

      ur retarded. they are synonomous

  • MOE

    I tried this and it still is acting funky

  • Anonymous

    I rebooted my ipod at all my music and aps are gone. but theyre still on my itunes thing on my computer. can i get them back on my ipod? PLEASE HELP IM FREAKING OUT. Email me:

    • Kiannaleigh15

      Yes u can. Just go to ut itunes library and upload all the content there, onto ur ipod. Duuuh its not freakin ricket science 😀 Lolz jk.Have a nice day. Later dude.

      • Kiannaleigh15

        Rofl. * Ur and *rocket 😀

  • mickey

    Thanks – saved my daughter’s ipod

  • Jahziel_85

    My ipod is not responding. everyone tells me i need to reset my ipod, which is pushing down menu and and the center(select). However it is not allowing me to do anything a website appears has thid happend to you? what sould i do to reset my ipod?

  • Veleyh


  • meow16

    omg thank you sooo much. my ipod froze and i didnt no wat to do. u have saved my life! now wenever this happens again ill no wat to do

  • Chicka21

    how can you slide the button at the top ?

  • 19pisces79

    how do i restore my ipod

  • Guest

    When I hold menu and the centre button, the apple logo appears then doesn’t go until the power runs out. When I try my iPod, it says connect to power so I do but the apple logo reappears and will not budge. Can’t connect to a computer either. Any ideas?

  • camperchik

    My ipod is saying it is March 25 1970 and the time is wrong.How do I change these settings?

  • Binina_111

    I know right and everytime I try going on FaceTime it says an error acurred during activation I can never log in or make a new account 🙁

  • Zunigga12

    all you do is go to the IPod’s settings and go to general, date and time and then set the date and time

  • Scotthoare87

    how do u reboot a ipod so it goes back to how i got it when i first got it ?

  • Cubt

    Theres no button on the top? All my Icons are white accept for the apps i put on ages ago. Help??

  • Fale

    I kiss brought an iPod but da person day owns it didn’t log off on his/her app store account.. How can I fix this.. I would really appreciate some answer soon.. Plzz have great one

  • jv

    I put together this little reference (a bit more visual than most i’ve seen) to maybe help a few people who are looking to reboot any gen of iPod/iPad… hope it helps!

  • how did you do it