Word: Combine Two Tables

Posted April 3, 2007 by MickeyMouse in Windows

In Microsoft Word, combining two tables (or appending one to another) can be tricky. Here is how to make the combination of tables as easy as possible.

Combining tables in Word is supposed to be easy. You should be able to put one table against another and the two combine. However, frequently this does not work and you get something that looks like this:


To combine these tables, double-click the little cross-in-a-box for the table. This will open up the properties for that table. Click the Table tab and change Text Wrapping to None. Then click OK and repeat this for the other table.


After the text wrapping is changed on both tables, they will combine if they are close to each other. Use the mouse to adjust the lines to make the sections of the table appear the same. One table should now be appending to another and the tables are indeed combined into one…


(If you still have problems combining the two, hit CTRL-SHIFT-8 to display mark-up. Delete any paragraph symbols that may be interferring with the combination of the table. Repeat the CTRL-SHIFT-8 to hide the mark up again once done.)

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