Configuring C-2 Level Security in Solaris

Posted November 12, 2003 by indianboy in Solaris security

According to the Orange Book , the operating system security is evaluated and categorised into different levels such as D, C1, C2, B1 etc. Normally all operating systems in the market tend to have the C1 level of security while Trusted Solaris 8 is B-level certified. While Solaris OE comes with C1 certification, It can be converted to C2 level certification with minimal effort.

Here are the steps for Configuring Solaris to C2 level security:

cd /etc/security
There is a script in the directory bsmconv which when executed will convert the C1 level security to C2 level security.
when this script is executed what actually happens is a comprehensive set of logging, log auditing and log monitoring tools are installed on the system which can be used for creating audit trails.

Note : The STOP+A keyboard abort facility will be disabled and for enabling it . the specific entry in the /etc/default/kbd file has to be commented out.

This is just the tip of the iceberg but this is just a jump off point to get started , there are some files to be edited in the /etc/security directory.

To Disable the C-2 Level security or BSM

1. cd /etc/security
2. Execute bsmunconv

I will be bringing about some examples for the same.

Note: BSM if configured incorrectly on production system can fill up you /var slice which may degrade system performance and worst case scenarios include rendering the system unusable.

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