Vista: Add Files for Vista to Index

Posted March 7, 2007 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

Vista’s search is greatly improved. However, it still ignores common programming filetypes. Many programming files like .php and .xml files are text. You can easily have vista include these files in your index to make searching more efficent.


There are just a few of the common text filetypes that are used in programming.

Why shouldn;t a programmer use vista’s searches to find functions and procedures within these easy to index files?

Here is how to add these common file types to vista’s index.

1. Load up Vista’s Indexing Options

You can do this either by typing “indexing” in the start menu or you can find it in the classic view of the control panel.

2. Click the Advanced button
3. Confirm the UAC if required
4. Click File Types tab
5. Scroll down to the file type you want and select it.
6. Then select the Index Properties and File Contents switch. The filter description should change to Plain Text Filter.

7. If the filetype is not found, then type it in the text box. Then click the Add New Extension button.
8. When done, click OK and then Close the Indexing Options

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