Fun with Reboot!

Need to reconfigure boot a system, but can’t (or don’t want to) get to the console? Jumpstart a client without physically having to reboot and then Stop-A from the console? No problem! Let ‘reboot’ take care of it for you!

Passing options is to ‘reboot’ is easy with the “–” switch. You can use it to pass boot options just like you were at the console:

To reconfigure-boot a system from over the network:
1. Log in, become root
2. root@yourbox# reboot — -r

Which is equal to running a reboot, Stop-A, boot -r from the console!

To jumpstart a client is a little trickier, but easy still!
1. Log in, become root
2. root@yourbox# reboot — “net – install”

…and the client will jump! It’s just like walking to the console, becoming root, rebooting, Stop-A, and running a ‘boot net – install’. It’s that easy!

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