Vista: Move Quick Launch to Side of Screen (with Screencast)

Posted February 7, 2007 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

In Vista you can no longer move your quick launch toolbar to the side of the screen. For users who have been running XP for a long time, this can be quite painful. Of course, I know the work around…

1. Right-click on a blank area of the desktop
2. Select New Folder from the context menu
3. Drag this New Folder to the very side of the screen and let go. The toolbar should run vertically down the side of your desktop.
4. Right-click this new toolbar and select Toolbar and then Quick Launch
5. Right-click this new toolbar again and unselect New Folder
6. Right-click taskbar at the bottom of the screen, select Toolbars, and unselect Quick Launch.

You can see this tech-recipes in action in a very high resolution screencast at showmedo.

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