Vista: Install or Enable the Telnet Client or Server

Posted January 30, 2007 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

Vista comes with a telnet client and server. They are not enabled by default. If you would like to use either of these features, just follow these steps…

1. Click the Start Orb
2. Click Control Panel
3. Select Programs
4. Select Turn Windows Features on or off
5. May need to confirm the UAC
6. Wait…
7. Click the checkboxes beside the telnet client or server.


8. Click OK

The Conversation

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  • Raymando

    thanks 4 the tip

  • Aaron



  • doktor

    telnet still does not work… gives an error “could not open connection to host on port 23”

  • telnet-tastic

    thanks, that solved my issue 🙂

  • Anonymous

    doktor, this tells you how to install telnet, not how to use it. Your error suggests the remote machine is not accepting connections.

    Whoever decided to remove telnet from a default Windows install has a lot to answer for!

  • Me


  • jk

    thanks love u

  • Jack

    thanx budy it was helpful and gave me knowlege

  • Nige

    Errrrmmmm, OKaaaay! Been through that, it’s installed….

    SO where IS this telnet client?

    • Joe

      @Nige: Telnet is a command line program.

      Run cmd.exe, AKA the “command prompt” – you can search for it in the Vista Start Menu by either name. It’s often referred to as a DOS prompt.

      Type “telnet” (no quotes) and hit .

      It can also be run directly from C:WindowsSystem32telnet.exe

  • Anonymous

    ty 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Cooooooooooooooooool, Thanx

  • Anonymous

    I can open Telnet, but still does not work, I cannot connect to anything at all, and yes before you say I do have an internet connection.

  • catrdor2002

    Thank you it realy works

  • Anonymous

    I have telnet enabled and it comes up on my new Dell Inspiron 15. One problem tho, the window only takes up 1/4 of my screen making it very difficult to see the text. When I click on the expand screen button, the window drops open to the bottom of the screen but the text stays the same size. I can grab an edge to drag it bigger for some reason.

    I’d like to open it up to a manageable size. Any ideas?

  • Agaengp

    thanx a lot

  • Saeed

    thanks dear, u saved me a lot of hassle

  • azam

    hi,i have enabled my telnet service but when i start telnet using dos( telnet azam 25 ) it shows error “TELNET” IS NOT RECOGNISED AS AN INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL COMMAND.OPERABLE PROGRAM OR BATH FILE. ,one day before it us working but now its not working brother please help me out….

  • Patient

    My God, this takes forever! Miscrosoft must scan your entire computer and ship all your files to their headquarters before they enable this simple Internet utility! Micorosoft SUCKS!