Vista Update: How to Hide Update

Posted January 30, 2007 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

Many updates, such as language packs, really do not need to be installed. Instead of seeing these updates forever, you can just hide them.

Are you tired of seeing that language pack as a update? What about that hardware drive update that really did not work very well? If you are sure you don’t need, then just hide it!

Within Vista Update, to hide an update…

1. Click View available updates
2. Right-click on the update you wish to hide
3. Click Hide Update
4. Confirm the UAC if needed


Here is the tutorial if you need to unhide an update.

The Conversation

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  • dddd

    doesnt work anymore

  • Thank so much. Those language packs were driving me crazy as I was not able to “select all” without install those blasted packs.

  • weslen1

    Thank you. Every night for over a week I have been asked to install an update for Microsoft Office. I don’t even have that. I had a 30 day trial that ran out and because this computer wouldn’t let me use my Works Program as long as Office was on here I deleted it.That was almost a YEAR ago and only now they suddenly start trying to give me an update. I very much liked Microsoft Office but couldn’t afford to buy it.
    Now, thanks to your much easier to understand directions, I have been able to stop this unwanted update from appearing again.

  • Paxton2002


  • Anonymous

    Worked well. Thanks.

  • MIke3

    The drop down menu does not contain the ‘hide updates’ option. Just ‘view details’ and ‘copy details’?