Speed Up Vista Upgrade in 4 Steps

Posted January 29, 2007 by Hack_Vista in Microsoft Vista

Updating from XP to Vista can take hours and hours. Four to six hour upgrades are not uncommon for transitioning a fully-loaded XP box over to Vista. These steps will improve your upgrade time significantly.

When you think about all the information that Vista has to go through in an upgrade, it is not surprising that upgrading an XP box to Vista can take a long, long time. Hours and hours and hours.

In upgrading the various boxes on our test network, these are keys to speeding up your XP to Vista Upgrade.

1. Uninstall Old Programs

Upgrading your OS is a great time to clean out of the junk that you don’t use anymore. Removing your old programs will improve your chances of a successful upgrade as well. For many programs you are going to want to install the new vista-compatible version anyway. You don’t have to clean out everything, but take some time and do some spring cleaning first.

2. Uninstall Old Hardware/Drivers

You still have an old Palm or scanner installed that has not been connected in months? Are you going to need to update your printer with new vista drivers? If so, then go ahead and uninstall it for now. Remember you want your system as lean as possible before the transition.

3. Remove Non-Essential Hardware

Don’t try to update with two monitors, your iPod, and an extra mouse or two all connected to your system. Your risk Vista choking on the hardware. Also, Vista is going to have to try to figure out how to replace all these active drivers. Disconnect all that stuff for now. Leaving extra stuff connected during installation is asking for pain.

4. Defrag, defrag, defrag

You want to install onto a clean canvas of hard drive space. You are going to be copying and moving huge, huge chunks of data. This is when a defragged hard drive is vital. After you follow the above steps, take the extra few minutes to defrag your system as tight as possible. You’ll regain that time. Defragmentation will save you hours of time.

Best of luck and godspeed with your upgrade.

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