Flickr: How to Delete Set

Posted January 28, 2007 by MickeyMouse in Internet

Frequently deleting a set of pictures is the quickest way to thin down a flickr account. This describes how to delete a set of pictures.

Warning: Deleting your set removes your pictures from flickr.

Delete a Flickr Set of Images:

1. Log into flickr
2. Click the Organize Link at the top
3. Click the Your Sets tab
4. Double click to open the set your wish to delete
5. Under the flickr logo in the upper right hand corner, click the Delete this set link.
6. Confirm

The Conversation

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  • nanio

    Doing this doesn’t delete the photos, it just removes that particular set.

  • Alan

    Great advice, but for a few little problems. On my screen, there is no “organize” link, there is no “your sets” tab and there is no “delete this set” link.

    Other than that, this was quite useful