Flurl / LiveLeak: How to Download Movies

A buddy of mine asked me how I downloaded all my movie clips off of Flurl and liveleak. I never realized that it was hard. Here are the steps…

1. Goto a video on flurl or liveleak that you want. The video can’t just be linked from flurl. When viewing the video, flurl.com or liveleak.com must be in the address bar.

Here’s a nice video to grab. Here’s a sweet pentality kick in football:

2. Click the View Original Version Link
3. Right-click on the screen and click Properties from the menu
4. Copy the URL under the location section
5. Paste this URL into your address bar and hit ENTER
6. When it asks if you want to open or save the file, save it to your desired location.

The Conversation

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  • poison1990

    where is the View Original Version link?

  • Anonymous

    And how about those using Flash Player 10?

  • martyr366

    I recently noticed I could no longer use rreal player to download Liveleak and furl videos. Is this Flash player 10 doing it? How do i download. I reAD THE one about going to your View Original Version but I can’t find anything like that.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know how to delete your vids from flurl ,cant seem to figure it out .


    There is NO “View Original Version” buttom can be seen