Disable Snap Preview Anywhere

Posted January 6, 2007 by MickeyMouse in Internet

OMG do I hate those stupid snap preview windows everywhere. You mouse over a link and you see a screenshot of where you are going. Painful. Here is how to turn it off Snap Previews.

You mouse over a link, and suddenly a balloon pops up showing you a screenshot where the link will take you.

Snap Preview is an interesting idea in theory. Like most things that pop-up on a webpage, it gets old in about 5 minutes.

Can the Snap Preview Pop-Ups be disabled?

Oh, yeah.

Just click this snap preview disable link. As long as javascript is enabled, clicking the link will set a cookie that prevents snap preview from displaying within your browser.

Because this works on setting a cookie, you will need to repeat this process if you clear your cookies for any reason.

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