SA/Explorer 8300HD TWC: No Audio Through HDMI

Stupid TWC support did not know the answer to this question. The installer did not either. In case anybody is wondering… this is how I got audio through HDMI on my SA 8300 DVR box.

No audio through your HDMI connection? Here is how to fix it.

Of course, this is with Time Warner Cable’s software. Your cable company may be using different software within this box.

1. Turn on your cable box
2. Push Settings button on the remote
3. Push A for More Settings
4. Scroll down with the arrow keys to Audio Digital Out
5. Press Select
6. Pick HDMI and press Select again
7. Press Exit to finish.

The Conversation

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  • zoozoo

    That didn’t work for me. I have Comcast. The Tech SUpport at Comcast and Magnavox didn’t know how to fix. Just gave me b.s.

  • Jason Long

    thanks. forgot about that one.

  • Jdonatello

    TWC doesn’t know crap or their “tech” guys. Thank you for the solution to this problem we’ve been trying to figure out.

  • jsj

    thank you. can’t believe nyc twc has not figured this out yet.

  • Jason


  • Kim

    Thank you! Today is our 24th anniversary and we near divorce trying to figure this out! We also had an idiot at TWC who couldn’t help, but this tip did the trick!

    • Anonymous

      Happy anniversary! 🙂