Use Orb to Stream Digital Content From Your PC to Your Wii

Posted December 31, 2006 by Rob Rogers in Nintendo Wii

By using the streaming capabilities of Orb and the internet browser on your Wii, you can enjoy the digital content from your computer on your Wii console.

First, you will need to download and install the Orb software, you can get it at Installation is straight forward, however if you are running a slower system, you might want to use version 1.0 instead of the newer version. Orb 1.0 can be downloaded here.

Once the software has been installed on your computer, you will need to set up an account with Orb Networks. Simply come up with a username and password, submit them, wait for the confirmation email, reply and you are set up.

By default, Orb will stream from your directories in My Documents, you can change this to include other directories by right-clicking on the Orb icon in the notification area next to the clock and selecting Configuration. Click the Media tab and enter the path(s) to your media directories and click OK.

One final step in the setup is to enable DirectStreaming so that you will not be streaming from the internet, but directly from your network. Right-click the Orb icon in the notification area next to the clock. Select Configuration and select the Advanced tab. Check the box next to [b]Use UPnP for DirectStream and click OK.

Your PC should now be set up for streaming. The only thing you might have to play with is codecs. If you need codecs for your streaming needs, go here.

Now fire up your Wii, and go to the Internet Channel. Browse to and login. You will see your MyCast page where you can select from Photo, Audio, or Video. Select the category and then choose the desired file. The image, song, or video will then start playing.

You can also acces your MyCast page from other computers, your cell phone, PDA, or laptop.


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  • Nathan Moyer

    There should be some way to do this in the way that the Xbox does……Having to do it this way depends too much on your internet connection..Ehh, if you’re still paying for a slow connection these days….Maybe you deserve it for screwing with DSL..So I guess yay for this!

  • Nathan Moyer

    There should be some way to do this in the way that the Xbox does…..This way depends on the user having a high capacity connection to the internet to stream to the site then back to your Wii.. But I guess if you are still using 1.5MBPS DSL and actually paying for it, you might deserve the lag…..Such lower costs today if people just get over the anti-cable company crap…..Comcast has the best internet service for the price point…..Period..Until the Wii allows AVI or MGP even MP4 playback, I guess this is good enough…Yay!

    • Davewillis01

      i take great offense to that im at 1.5MBPS DSL but its because i cant get anything any faster where i live so do i deserve the lag?!!!

  • Nathan Moyer

    Sorry for the double posts….

  • drew

    i have 20mb cable and it still lagged, guess i’ll just keep hooking my external hard drive to the usb and using geexbox to watch movies…

  • Carte ds

    Too bad, I do not have a wii now, but I need to buy one.

  • mel

    is there anyway to play downloaded games as well? the same way we can watch out movies?