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Posted December 15, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Browsers

By performing URL hacks on amazon searches, the user can perform very precise searches for deals. The components of the URL hacks are explored…

The URL structure of amazon searches lets the user define the percentage they want to save. More simply, you can search for only products on sale for a certain percentage or better with these url hacks.

Let us look at the basic url.

Foundation — Foundation of the URL. This won’t change and will be the start to all of these search hacks.

Node Selection —

?node=468642 – The Node number selects from which department you would like to search. 468642 is computers and video games. Further node numbers are available below.

Node 16310091 – Industrial &; Scientific
Node 172526 – GPS and Navigation
Node 165796011 – Baby
Node 404272 – VHS
Node 1036592 – Apparel & Accessories
Node 1040668 – Shoes
Node 3367581 – Jewelry & Watches
Node 599858 – Magazines & Newspapers
Node 283155 – Books
Node 5174 – Music
Node 130 – DVD
Node 16261631 – Unbox Video Downloads
Node 468642 – Computer & Video Games
Node 229534 – Software
Node 13993911 – Amazon Shorts
Node 172282 – Electronics
Node 1065836 – Audio & Video
Node 502394 – Camera & Photo
Node 301185 – Cell Phones & Service
Node 541966 – Computers & PC Hardware
Node 1064954 – Office Products
Node 11091801 – Musical Instruments
Node 1055398 – Home & Garden
Node 1057792 – Bed & Bath
Node 1057794 – Furniture & Decor
Node 3370831 – Gourmet Food
Node 284507 – Kitchen & Housewares
Node 286168 – Outdoor Living
Node 12923371 – Pet Supplies
Node 15684181 – Automotive
Node 228013 – Tools & Hardware
Node 16310101 – Grocery
Node 3760911 – Beauty
Node 3760901 – Health & Personal Care
Node 3375251 – Sports & Outdoors
Node 165793011 – Toys & Games

Percentage Off —

&pct-off=90- – This allows you to set how much you percentage you want off. &pct-off=70 would do 70% off and better. &pct-off=60-80 would do a range of 60-80 percent off.

Putting those three parts together gives you a ton of searching options. You build the search by using the foundation plus the node number plus the percentage off.

See how I put all three components together here:

This will yield a search for GPS equipment that is more than 50% discounted.

Additional Filters —

Additional filters can be added to the end of the three basic components:

&sort=price will sort the searches by price.
&sort=reviewrank will sort by Average Customer Review
&emi=ATVPDKIKX0DER will provide search results ONLY for items available directly through amazon. These are typically items that qualify for amazon prime as well.

Examples —
Musicial Instrument search for 82% off or more sorted by price and sold directly from Amazon.
Electronic search for 90% off or more sorted by average customer review.

Please feel free to post more amazon hacks here in the comments.

Props goes out to fatwallet for stimulating this tech-recipes.

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