Disable a CPU in Solaris Using psradm

Posted October 12, 2003 by Dave in Solaris system administration

On supported Enterprise systems such as the E4500, individual CPUs and memory boards can be disabled at will. If, for instance, /var/adm/messages is filled with errors regarding CPU1, then it can be taken offline until a replacement CPU arrives.

The following uses CPU1 as an example:

1. View /var/adm/messages to figure out which CPU is having problems.
2. Use psrinfo to view your CPU configuration.
3. As root, take the CPU offline using the command ‘psradm -f 1’
3a. The syntax is ‘psradm
4. Verify the CPU is offline with ‘psrinfo’
5. To bring an offline CPU back online, use ‘psradm -n 1’

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