Flickr: Direct Link to Your Buddy Icon

Posted November 22, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Internet

You can use your buddy icon on flickr as an avatar for many things. Here is how to directly link to it.

Accessing your flickr buddy icon is pretty easy. You can use it for an avatar on other sites if you wish.

The format of the url to the buddy icon is thus:

You can find out your flickr code multiple ways. After logging into flickr, just click the Your Photos link. In the url you should see your unique code in the following format:

For tech-recipes, the Your Photos link yields:[email protected]/

Therefore, the tech-recipes buddy icon can be found here:[email protected]

Which should look something like this:

My adding a flickr slide show techrx will tell you another way of finding your flickr code if needed.

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