Google Reader: Make the Bookmarklet Use The Reader Icon

Posted November 22, 2006 by johnnythawte in Google

When you save the Google Reader bookmarklet to your bookmark bar, it doesn’t by default have an icon, because the source url is javascript. This recipe shows you the quick and easy workaround.

The default Google Reader subscribe bookmarklet is really ugly – just take a look:

We’ll make our own bookmarklet with a couple easy steps:

1) Save a bookmark to the Google Reader homepage

2) Save the bookmarklet from the Google Reader Preferences\Goodies page.

3) Click the bookmark once to make Firefox load the icon.

4) You can edit the bookmarks by right clicking the bookmark and selecting Properties.

5) Paste the javascript from the bookmarklet Location field into the Location field in the new bookmark.

6) Alternatively you can also change the text in the Name field. For instance, I used a + symbol to distinguish the bookmarklet from the normal bookmark.

7) Delete the original bookmarklet, because we’ve made our own now.

Here’s what mine looks like right next to the bookmark for the Google Reader homepage. Notice the + sign next to the bookmarklet:

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