Flickr: Search for Tag Within Most Recent and Most Interesting

Posted November 21, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Internet

Flickr has excellent search tools; however, I like to search through a couple of specific areas. Here is how to search only the “Most Recent” and/or “Most Interesting” sections for a particular tag.

Flickr, flickr everywhere. With all the pictures now, it is hard to filter through the masses. Two high yield areas to view are the “most recent” and “most interesting” sections. However, it is not obvious hard to search through these sections alone.

Here are the urls to do it:

Obviously, change searchtag to the tag for which you wish to search.

Search for tag within Most Recent:

Search for tag within Most Interesting:


Flickr search for tag “flower” in Most Interesting:

Flick search for tag “puppy” in Most Recent:

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