Tag a Specific Version of Your Project in Subversion

Posted November 17, 2006 by johnnythawte in Computer programming

When you finally finish version 0.9 of your beta Web 2.0 application, you will probably want to tag that version in your source control system. This tech-recipe shows you how to do so using Subversion.

Tagging versions in Subversion is done by using the svn copy command. The subversion copy will not actually create a physical copy of your project, but it will tag it as a specific version. You can then track changes from there.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to assume that your subversion project is located at http://svn.myweb.com/projects/diggclone/trunk/.

You will want to make sure that the entirety of this command is typed onto a single line:
svn copy http://svn.myweb.com/projects/diggclone/trunk http://svn.myweb.com/projects/diggclone/tags/version-0.9 -m "First beta version of our digg clone!"

This will tag your new beta version of your application so that you can keep track of that particular version. If you needed to later get a copy of the 0.9 version, you would just check out a copy from the new url:

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